New Look is thrilled to announce the launch of its exclusive eyewear collection – ‘Avenue by Julien Couture’- with Montreal-based designer Julien Couture.

New Look is a Canadian eyewear retailer that has dominated the industry for 30+ years. This new collection marks the first iteration of New Look’s ‘Avenue’ series, which celebrates up and coming, local designers. 

Avenue by Julien Couture’ is an 18-style collection born in Julien’s Montreal-based atelier. Julien sought to create luxurious eyewear designs with a vintage flair, creating never before seen styles.

See below for details on this collection:

  • Each of the 18 exclusive styles are handmade and have distinct features, from signature etching on the sides to anti-slip grip at the tip for ultimate comfort and engraved beauty marks on the temples.
  • For upscale quality, 5 or 7 custom barrel welded hinges are featured, with every piece being thought of with the utmost care. Avenue by Julien Couture is a fulfillment of the senses in its simplicity and luxurious detailing.
  • The acetate frames are available at $239, and the titanium ones are available at $250. 
  • With New Look™ 3D scanning app, you can try virtually the pairs of the collection and see which one will fit to your face. More information on how to use the app can be found here.

Get your fall look on with a new pair of eyewear from the exclusive eyewear collection – ‘Avenue by Julien Couture today!

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Published by HOLR Magazine.