Enrique Iglesias affair what happened? HOLR breaks down the rumors.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @devotedly.yours, Iglesias was allegedly involved in an affair rumor. Check out the details below:


A woman named Maritza Herrera is accusing Enrique Iglegsias of having an affair with her for 3 years, wiretapping and writing songs about what he’s done to her. I truly believe she’s been talking to a catfish and believes it’s the real Enrique ? #enriqueiglesias

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Enrique Iglesias alleged affair explained

As mentioned in the TikTok video, Iglesias and his wife, Anna Kournikova, have been together for over 22 years and they share 3 children together.

The TikToker notes that a woman on social media named Marissa Herrera has accused Iglesias of having an affair with her for years. She claimed that every song on the album, Final -released in 2021- is about her. In one social media caption, she said they had an affair for 3 years and that he wrote his last album about her. However, she claims that the relationship has become toxic and he has been assaulting, harassing, and wiretapping her. She even claims he leaked her identity to the dark web. She claims he meets fans online to exploit them and use them as inspiration for songs.

In one of her Instagram posts claiming proof, she shows that her email was leaked to the dark web in which she believed he did this because she proved she had an affair with him on Facebook Live. As a result, she allegedly reported him to the FBI for leaking her identity and then mocking her. She also says he was wiretapping her. When she allegedly posted a video exposing him, she claimed his father liked the post. It’s interesting to note she also claims to have gotten a friend request from Iglesias in which she mentioned the real one if that was in fact him. She also claims to have recorded them having phone s*x as evidence.

Is it true?

The TikToker took a deep dive into all of Herrera’s posts and believes that she did not have an affair with Iglesias- although Herrera thinks that she did. This is because the TikToker believes that someone allegedly made a fake profile and convinced her that he was the real Iglesias.

The real Iglesias has not come out to address the allegations and alleged rumors.

What do you think about the alleged claims and rumors?

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