Epstein Names Ordered Unsealed By Preska

Court filings in New York are set to reveal the names of over 150 individuals associated with Jeffrey Epstein, the late sex offender. These disclosures are anticipated to shed light on Epstein’s sex trafficking network and his ties with high-profile figures from politics, business, and royalty. The unsealed documents are linked to a lawsuit involving Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s associate, who is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for her involvement with him.

Epstein List Release Time

The Epstein List will be released in the evening of January 3rd, 2024 and we will post a link to the document once it’s published. Most of the list will start to be published this evening with the exception of a case involving a Jane Doe who has asked for confidentiality. This information will remain sealed until at least January 22nd.

Loretta Preska Epstein ListAn alleged unverified list of the individuals who were in Jeffrey Epstein’s Flight Logs

Loretta Preska Epstein List

Judge Loretta Preska played a pivotal role in the unsealing of court documents linked to a lawsuit involving Ghislaine Maxwell, a confidante of Jeffrey Epstein. The unsealed documents are expected to reveal the names of more than 150 individuals associated with Epstein. Preska’s ruling allowed for the disclosure of these names, noting that while some names, particularly those of child victims, would remain sealed, others linked to the case could be revealed. This decision by Preska marks a significant step in shedding light on Epstein’s network and the relationships between these individuals and Epstein and Maxwell.

The judge’s ruling to unseal these documents noted that some names, especially those of child victims, would remain sealed. The revelation of these names may provide new insights into the relationships these individuals had with Epstein and Maxwell. Among those mentioned in the filings is former President Bill Clinton, mentioned multiple times but without any implication of illegal activity. Epstein, known for mingling with influential figures, faced federal sex-trafficking charges before his death in 2019, which was ruled a suicide.

When will the Epstein list be revealed

From Netflix Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

When Will The Epstein List Be Released

No firm date has been given yet for the release of the Epstein list but people are alluding to it possibly being at the end of this week. Judge Loretta Preska has added that most of the names on the list are already known by the public to some capacity with being associated with Jeffrey Epstein.

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