Playing guitar is one of the most popular pastimes on the planet. In the US, over 1.25 million electric guitars were sold in 2019. Add to that all the acoustic and second-hand guitar sales and you can see just how popular guitars are!

However, it’s not just the guitars that you need. There are thousands of accessories, add-ons, and extra bits of kit that a guitar player could opt to purchase. In this article, you’ll find a list of essential things that every guitar player should own, whether you’re a bedroom guitarist or a full-time rock star!

A Mix Of Guitars!

Let’s face it: no guitarist is happy having just one single guitar in their arsenal! Guitarists love to build collections of their favorite guitars from different brands and in different styles. You’ll probably want at least one electric and one acoustic, so you can play whenever, wherever. 

A good collection of guitars makes for a varied practice, different learning styles, and different playing techniques, all of which help to make you a better guitar player. Of course, vintage and classic guitars can get very expensive, so start your collection with modern and second-hand pieces. You certainly won’t regret buying one more!

A Comfy Stool

When you’re rehearsing at home, learning new songs, or trying to nail a new technique, you want to be comfortable. One of the best ways to get comfy whilst playing is with a nice practice stool. For the best guitar stool, you want to find something comfortable, with a little bit of lower back support. If you’re there jamming for hours, you want to make sure you’re sitting right and not doing any damage to your neck or lumbar region by being uncomfortable. Many guitar stools fold away too, saving space in the bedroom or studio. 

Case / Gig Bag

Whether you’re an avid acoustic lover or an electric enthusiast, you will need to purchase a case to make sure your guitar is safe on your travels. If you’re simply taking the guitar in a car or on the train, a simple soft case – also known as a gig bag – will do you just fine. Often, these cases have straps so you can wear your guitar safely like it were a rucksack. 

If you’re flying or traveling extensively with any instrument, you should look into the purchase of a hard case. These cases are often TSA certified, meaning your guitar is protected properly and potentially legally protected should a baggage handler damage it. Make sure your guitar fits snugly in your chosen case and doesn’t move about much so that it’s properly secured. 


Tuning by ear is totally fine and definitely possible. However, sometimes you’ll be just a fraction or half-step down from where you should be. To avoid this, buy yourself a tuner to make sure you’re always getting it to spot on. For acoustics, a simple clip-on tuner will do the trick, as long as you’re in a quiet enough space. For electrics or electro-acoustics, a digital foot pedal tuner is the best bet. Every good guitarist in the world has a tuner on their pedalboard! 

Strings and Picks

Your guitar – if new – will come with a factory set of strings. These will do you fine for a while, but the more you play, the more you’ll have to change strings. They simply stretch and wear more quickly than you may think. Speak to the staff in a guitar store to find out which strings are suited to your style and comfort level, and they’ll quickly help you stock up on spares. While you’re there, grab a handful of picks. They’re super cheap and super easy to lose! 

Simple Repair Tools

Finally, any good guitarist will be able to do a small amount of guitar maintenance. Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn to take the whole thing apart! But, things like changing strings and adjusting the bridge height are really easy to do on most modern guitars. You only need a simple set of tools to do most guitar maintenance, so look for a multitool or guitar toolset in your local guitar store to find everything you need. On top of that, grab a string winder to help you change strings in a flash.


These are the essentials that every guitar player needs. With these, you’ll be able to rehearse anywhere, hone your skills, and look after your guitar properly. Plus, aside from the massive selection of vintage guitars, none of these items will cost you a fortune. Stock up and start building your own home guitar world! 

Published on Holr Magazine