In a recent interview, Eva Longoria opened up about the bond with her good friend, Victoria Beckham.

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham


Eva Longoria described her close relationship with her good friend Victoria Beckham in a recent talk with The Times.

“We are peas in a pod,” she said. “I wish people knew how funny and charming and smart Victoria is. She’s the funniest person. I think she’s an introvert, but she’s an extrovert with me. We are inseparable.” Eva continued, as she opened up about their friendship.

Eva Longoria even talked about the way they met and how their close friendship started. “We have sleepovers all the time, mostly at their farmhouse or in London. We usually just blab all night.”

“She’s extremely loyal. There’s never a moment I can’t call her, that she’s not available, that she’s not flying to see me, or I’m flying to see her. Or I’m raiding her closet. She gives me motherly advice and business advice.”

Longoria and Beckham have gotten so close that Victoria even played a significant role in Eva’s wedding. “She did my civil outfit, my wedding dress and the after-party dress. She brought everything — I mean, she literally carried it with her. Put it on me, buckled my shoes because I couldn’t bend down, zipped up my dress when I got drunk. She was like, ‘I know my role.’ She is that best friend.” Longoria added.

Eva Longoria Children

Photo Credit: Instagram / @evalongoria

In addition, Eva Longoria even became the godmother of Victoria Beckham’s daughter, Harper Beckham. According to Eva, Harper is “a sweet, beautiful, kind young lady.”

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