Learn all about the brand’s iconic sneakers featured in this new film!


Meet two L001 and L002, two sneaker icons from the world-famous fashion brand, Lacoste. In showcasing the brand’s iconic sneaker lineup, fans of the brand get an exclusive invitation into the Lacoste world through a new film highlighting the stylish shoes in a brand new light.

The Lacoste world is playful, yet unexpected, and we would expect nothing less from a brand that prides itself on being a place rich with cultural connections and spirited transgressions.

According to the brand’s site, Lacoste (established in 1933) delivers classic, modern clothing inspired by sport and French elegance.

In bringing classic heritage to the modern-day world, Lacoste wants to inspire generations to connect through surprising encounters- where diverse characters are truly themselves, where friends and strangers cross and collide, and where the little things in life are celebrated, in all their oddness and beauty.

Lacoste is truly a place where the possibilities of impossibilities are proved. So, let’s take a more in-depth look at the brand’s latest drop and creative endeavor.


About the film

The L001 and L002 shoes were designed to transcend time, uniting the past with the present and future. As a result, they merge archival elements from Lacoste’s rich tennis history with contemporary aspects that make these shoes truly unique.


This film does the same in bringing together young and old, the global and the local, the specific with the shared. The film highlights the sneakers as they are worn while walking, playing, competing, and meeting. The multiple characters featured throughout the film are always on the go in which they embody the true mascots of the spirit of the two designs.

Throughout the film, viewers will get the opportunity to meet these characters that help bring the story of the shoes to life. From an aspiring world recorder holder to an energetic dog, and disgruntled bee-amongst others- this film celebrates the way the brand’s crocodile transcends differences and divisions.

Behind the Design: The L001 and L002 Sneakers from Lacoste

This is an iconic sneaker lineup you need to add to your fashion-forward collection.

The L001 and L002 are two iconic sneakers that bring the extraordinary to everyday wear. Not only do these sneakers deliver the highest quality in style and comfort, but they offer cultural riffs to daily wardrobes on a worldwide scale. Both sneakers feature references and nuances, in which they complement the individuality of the wearer while, in turn, being a standout pair of footwear.


The L001 delivers a revolutionary take on Lacoste’s rich tennis heritage. Sporty yet genderless, these shoes offer not only a nod to the brand’s history but a modern take on a timeless silhouette that is a must-have for any wardrobe. These classic shoes bridge cultures and eras, in which the sneaker’s key details are derived from treasures within the Lacoste archive.

The spirit of the shoes feature a vintage yet retro shape and style inspired by the Rene- the first-ever shoe created by Rene Lacoste. As well, the angular triangular design on the sneaker’s upper draws inspiration from kinetic lines that typically run along a vintage 1980s racket’s handle.


Moving along, the L002 was created specifically for women and features a special court design.

Playing off of the L001, these shoes pay homage to Lacoste’s tennis history and the brand’s rich archive of clean, elegant design. However, these sneakers inspire a new generation, in which they offer the wearer a playful twist on a classic design. Curated for urban adventure these shoes are ready when you are. What we love about the L002 is its chunky outsole, a trend that has found its way back into the modern-day fashion realm.

Those interested in adding the iconic sneakers to their collection can shop both styles in various colourways.


You can also discover the film here.

The film’s underlying message demonstrates how the brand crosses cultures, generations, and epochs, inviting everyone along the way to join in with the journey. As a result, the audience is invited to look around; everywhere, magic and fantasy meet reality.

In the world of Lacoste, every day is an adventure, an escapade, a mystery, a challenge, a walk in the park, a marvel, a joy.

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