From family relationships to her life in the spotlight and everything in between, this is what you can expect from the star’s latest memoir.

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Jamie Lynn Spears’ recently released memoir, entitled, Things I Should Have Said, launched on January 18, 2022, and gives fans a rare look inside of her life. The intimate memoir touches on Jamie Lynn’s upbringing, the difficulties she faced growing up, and her claim to fame, as she became the “it” child star on popular TV shows, All That and Zoey 101.

Featuring first-hand experiences regarding the highs and lows of growing up in one of America’s most tabloid-famous families, Things I Should Have Said offers an inside look into Jamie Lynn’s raw, unfiltered journey. From raising a daughter to her life in the spotlight to pursuing a personal career, this is HOLR’s take on everything you need to know about Jamie Lynn Spears’ Things I Should Have Said.

Without giving too much away, Things I Should Have Said begins with Jamie Lynn’s life at home, where she grew up with her parents, brother Bryan and sister Britney, who is a world-renowned pop star. She goes into depth about her personal relationships with each of her family members and the struggles that came with navigating a public life.

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She then walks her fans through her claim to fame as a child star, in which she discusses the audition process and how she landed her big break on Zoey 101. Although she enjoyed bringing her character to life on screen, she also reflects on how she dealt with harsh rumors and felt distanced from her other castmates. It’s around this time that readers learn about her transition from tween to teen, and everything that came with Jamie Lynn growing up in the limelight.

Jamie Lynn’s memoir goes on to detail her romantic relationship with her then-boyfriend Casper, and her experience with getting pregnant with their daughter, Maddie. Readers learn about her relationship woes, nights of what seemed like handling parenthood alone, and Jamie Lynn’s undying love for Maddie, which ultimately inspired her to change her life for the better.

It is in Jamie Lynn’s memoir that fans learn how how she took the steps necessary to build a life for herself and Maddie, wherein she overcame hurdles and formed lasting friendships- one of which led her to pursue a relationship with her now-husband, Jamie Watson. The memoir also exposes previously unreleased details of Maddie’s traumatic ATV accident, which changed Jamie Lynn’s life as she knew it.

These are just a few moments from Jamie Lynn’s latest memoir that you can expect to read about.

However, there is so much more to unpack and uncover.

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