Millennial men are more health conscious now than ever before, and are spending a significant amount of time, money, and energy on their appearance. Skincare in the male demographic has become an extremely hot topic as men are pursuing healthier, younger-looking skin. Thinking about skincare and purchasing new products may sound intimidating at first, but luckily, we spoke with Founder of Bulldog Skincare, Simon Duffy to learn about how the industry is evolving and how the modern man approaches skincare. 

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The common perception that men have when thinking of skincare is pretty typical: it’s inconvenient, expensive, and often, too feminine. Up until recently, most men have tried to keep it simple with their skincare, which in many cases means that they don’t have a routine, have barely used any products, or borrowed from their significant other. The thought of actually researching products tends to scare most men away, as they find the whole industry to be overwhelming and intimidating.

Today’s modern man is different. They are curious, informed and eager to learn more about the industry while taking care of their skin. Duffy says that now, gender is more fluid and men feel more power to put their best face forward.

Looks aside, the modern man is also interested in what they are putting into their bodies. Bulldog targets customers with ingredients that are extremely simple, yet effective, clean, and cruelty free. The brand specifically stands out with their plastic made from sugarcane and no artificial fragrances. They use only essential oils which is a huge deal for male consumers who typically don’t enjoy products with overbearing smells. Not only is the scent fresh, but the ingredients are recognizable and made up of aloe, chamomile, and green tea. Duffy states that, “The natural ingredients are what really delivers the authenticity. We wanted to incorporate something for everyone rather than what is just on trend.”

Duffy says that men want products that are approachable, unintimidating, minimal, and affordable. They love being able to purchase their favourite skincare products online or at a nearby retailer for the convenience. Since 2005, Bulldog has seen success with this exact strategy and currently sells its products online on their site and other platforms like Amazon, as well as popular retailers like Shoppers, Jean Coutu and Walmart.

Bulldog has entered the market in a powerful and unique way by making skincare appealing to men and educating them on the benefits of properly caring for your skin.

The following questions take a look into Duffy’s approach to skincare and insight into the brand:

HOLR: What was the inspiration and creative process behind your brand and how did you pick the name “Bulldog”?

Well, the bulldog is a man’s best friend and this is partly because he is a little bit unconventional, slightly overweight, and a tenacious, wrinkly, daily companion that is trustworthy. We didn’t want the name to be too complicated. We wanted it to really resonate and speak to the consumer the way men would talk to other men.

HOLR: What is your most popular product and why?

The Original moisturizer is our most popular product and the Age Defence moisturizer is a bestseller in Canada. Younger men tend to choose the Age Defence because they are attracted to the concept of prevention. They both work really well for all different skin types.

HOLR: What should men look out for when selecting products?

They should look out for great value, products that perform well, and that are designed to answer their specific needs! They should be using natural formulations whenever they can, and should question the harsh synthetic ingredients.

HOLR: Give us one key grooming tip that all men must know?

The fundamental tip is to moisturize! Men should also focus on non-grooming methods of self-care such as focusing on healthy living to reinforce a sensible product base regime. It is really important to one’s overall health and well-being.


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