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Show anyone a diamond, and they can’t help but feel magnetically drawn toward it. And, if diamonds aren’t your scene, perhaps the mystical emerald, alluring ruby, or royal-blue sapphire is more enchanting. Diamonds and other jewels continue to capture people’s attention, and not only in jewelry!

They’re used as talismans to ward off negative energies, bring you luck when playing casino games, and of course, we can’t forget the diamond is a girl’s best friend! Magnificent diamonds have been used to adorn royal crowns, and precious jewels continue to be praised for their glittering sparkle and magical powers. 

Read on as we talk about the magical, mystical, and magnetic allure of diamonds and jewels and why you can’t get enough of them in 2023!

The Allure of Diamonds

Besides being a girl’s BFF, diamonds are also seen as the eternal icon of love. What would an engagement and the expression of your undying love for someone be without a diamond ring? 

Through the ages, different cultures have used diamonds for several other reasons:

  • India: The jewel was used when bartering for goods.
  • Egypt: Passed loved ones were buried with a diamond on their fourth finger to connect to their heart.
  • Rome: Diamond jewelry was given to a new bride by her husband as a sign of ownership.

Diamond Symbolism: Mystical Meanings

In ancient Greek culture, the diamond symbolized strength and represented unconquerability. In Roman times, poets used diamonds to talk about power and invincibility. In the Middle Ages, the diamond was called the “tears of God,” and wearers believed they brought good fortune and prosperity. 

Kings and queens wear crowns and jewelry decked with diamonds as a symbol of wealth, security, and stability. Long life is associated with diamonds, as is courage, light, happiness, power, and nobility. Different-colored diamonds have their own symbolic meanings too:

  • Yellow: Sunshine, joy, and light.
  • Orange: Immense value and love.
  • Blue: Royalty, wealth, and power.
  • Black: Mystery

The diamond is known to bring good luck, prosperity, success, and wealth so it’s no wonder it’s used as a symbol in popular video slots, blackjack, poker, and other casino style activities.  

The Diamond Trend in 2023

The fascination and attraction toward diamonds haven’t diminished in 2023 as this gem continues to sparkle its magical allure! But, the trend is leaning away from the conventional white stone towards the mystical black diamond or the rare green gem for modern jewelry. 

Diamonds are still considered the ultimate icon for everlasting love, good fortune, and prosperity, so people simply can’t get enough of them in current times!

The Allure of Jewels

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but what about other jewels that have stood the test of time against the all-time favorite? Other jewels have been idolized for their mysterious and magical powers for centuries and hold as much fascination today. 

Tapping Into the Power of Precious Stones

Since the Middle Ages, jewels have been used for their mystical powers. Not only were jewels worn for their beauty but because it was believed they protected the wearer from any harm. Precious stones were carried or worn as jewelry to ward off temptations and distractions. 

Ancient Greeks used different-colored gems for their healing properties, even though these perceptions were heavily scorned by the educated clergy at that time! In the thirteenth century, the sapphire was worn to protect the owner from broken limbs. Rubies and pearls have been used as part of the church’s dedication ritual or a person’s devotion to a Higher Being. 

The Use of Jewels in the Gaming Industry

Moving on from the Middle Ages and beyond, jewels are playing a role in the gaming industry. Using jewel symbols, players are challenged to match different-colored gemstones or align various shapes while playing against time. 

Games such as “Dragon City” require the player to mine a variety of crystals, such as sapphires and rubies, while others use jewels as currency. Jewel Quest 2023 is just one example of a popular game that uses gems in modern gaming, and players of all ages can’t get enough of it!

Final Thoughts

Diamonds and jewels continue to sparkle in people’s lives, be it the distinctive black diamond engagement ring or the latest video game. Mystical jewels play a vital role in the esoteric world, while diamonds will always be a symbol of power and wealth among the rich. We simply can’t get enough of them as the magical allure of diamonds and jewels continues to glitter!

Published by HOLR Magazine.