From the biggest musicians to movie stars to makeup gurus, modern society is full of influencers living their best life, showing off their latest brand collaborations or flashing their personalized discount code. But have you ever wondered which celebrities have the fakest following online?

Well, as it turns out, can analyze celebrities’ and influencers’ Instagram profiles, and reveal who has fake followings. Indeed, Fasthosts has been a leading technology provider since 1999, offering secure UK data centres, 24/7 support and a highly successful reseller channel. Fasthosts provides everything web professionals need to power and manage their online space, including domains, web hosting, business-class email, dedicated servers and a next-generation cloud platform.

To collect data, a Hype Auditor was used, which allowed for audits to be run and results weighed against the number of their Instagram followers to reveal the percentage of fake followers. With Fasthosts using the Hype Auditor tool, it has been revealed the top 25 accounts with the highest percentage of fake followers are as follows: What may come as surprising to some, but a blatantly known fact to others is Kylie Jenner getting exposed to having the highest percentage of fake followers. Of the 223 million people who follow Kylie, 63 million accounts are fake followers. To put this into perspective this is equal to nearly the population of France! The Jenner’s and Kardashians dominate the fake following breakdown. Following closely in seventh and ninth place is Jenner’s half-sisters, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Musicians Justin Bieber and Rihanna also sit high up on the list with the highest percentages of fake followers. Many high-profile personalities, singers, athletes, and actors are among the top 25 personalities with the biggest fake following. Believe it or not, most celebrities with the fakest following online are famous singers. As a matter of fact, 9 out of the top 25 celebrities (36%) on the list are working in the music industry.

It’s worth noting that having fake or ‘bot’ followers, doesn’t necessarily mean that celebrities paid for the follower boost. It just goes to show that you can’t believe any numbers that you see online.

Fake followers are not equal to the fame of the celebrities but a lot of people may connect the number of their online following to their worth or popularity. So, do not always believe everything you see on social media or spend your days wishing you were someone else because after all, you never know when someone’s appearance online is simply a depiction of falsehood and pretend.

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