Zayn Malik casually broke the internet after posting a viral clip singing One Direction’s song ‘You & I’ on Instagram.

Zayn singing 'You & I'

Image Credit: @zayn / Instagram

On Saturday, June 11, Zayn Malik shocked the internet by posting a monochrome 8-second-long video belting out his high note in the song, ‘You & I.’ ‘You & I’ is a hit single from the band’s third studio album, Midnight Memories, released in 2013. Naturally, this video caused quite a reaction. Directioners ran to social media in disbelief that the artist had sung a One Direction song in the year 2022. Tiktok’s were created, tweets were sent, and Instagram posts were uploaded all relating to this momentous occasion.

Fan Reactions on Social Media

On Instagram, the video amassed over 4 million likes and 15 million views with over 200,000 comments. One fan commented, “NO F****** WAY THIS IS REAL,” while another wrote, “This has saved my 2022.” 

In addition, TikTok erupted in videos about the matter. Fans on TikTok created comparison videos from Zayn singing the song back in 1D days compared to now. Watch these TikTok’s here and here.

Twitter also exploded as thousands of tweets were made about the viral video and Zayn became a trending topic. One fan took to twitter to write, “i would’ve laughed in your face if you told me even just hours ago that zayn malik was about to post a video of him singing you & i in 2022.” Similarly, another fan tweeted: “i don’t think you guys are understanding. zayn literally recorded a video singing his you and i high note in a room full of awards including one direction awards. I DON’T THINK YOU’RE UNDERSTANDING.” Contrary to this fan’s belief, I think the whole of the internet is understanding!

Louis Tomlinson & Zayn Malik Interaction

Zayn and Louis pictured together

Image Credit: David M. Bennett / Getty Images

Not only were Directioners BLESSED with Zayn’s video, but 1D fans had another surprise incoming. Specifically, former bandmate Louis Tomlinson made Directioners squeal in joy after he liked Zayn’s post. Directioners’ jaws were dropped in disbelief at the Zouis interaction as the pair’s friendship fizzled out after Zayn left the band. 

To illustrate, one fan expressed their excitement in a tweet by stating: “We thought that nothing will beat Niall and Harry hanging out but Louis liking zayn post singing you & I is something i would never thought would happen ever.”

Another fan created this meme on twitter with the caption: “louis liking zayn’s post in which he sang ‘you and i’ by one direction in 2022.”

Twitter reaction about Zayn's video

Image Credit: @lhhrrykissy / Twitter

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