Just last week, FIOL was awarded “Prosecco Producer of the year” at the New York International Wine Competition!

FIOL is an award-winning prosecco from Treviso founded by three longtime friends committed to bringing an elevated version of the Italian sparkling wine to the world. Innovative yet deeply rooted in the Venetian tradition, FIOL is made with the highest quality grapes by renowned winemaker Marzio Pol. As well, the Prosecco is a favourite among Michelin-starred chefs and pairs perfectly with food of all kinds, by the glass or mixed into cocktails

In addition to being awarded this title, the FIOL Prosecco Classic scored 92 points while the Rosé was honoured with 90 points on the same occasion. This impressive award comes just in time for FIOL’s 10th anniversary as a company and what better way to celebrate than popping some bubbly! 

FIOL is available in two refreshing, bubbly varieties: FIOL Extra Dry, a light golden expression with notes of wisteria flowers, acacia, and tangy mature crab apple, and FIOL Rosé, an elegant expression with notes of raspberry and wild strawberry on the nose and citrus lemon and white flowers on the palate.

See below for a Cocktail Suggestion with the FIOL Classic Prosecco:

FIOL Spritz 

  • Specs: ⅓ oz. FIOL Classic Prosecco 
  • ⅓ oz. Aperol 
  • ⅓ oz. Club Soda 

Method: Garnish with a slice of orange or an olive

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Get a head start on popping open that bubbly and enjoying FIOL’s refreshing and delicious sensation! You can find the FIOL Classic at the LCBO and the Rosé is coming soon.

For more information and updates, please visit https://www.fiol.it and follow FIOL on:



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