Bodycam footage exposes former Toronto Maple Leaf player who allegedly threatened to kill Arizona police officers.

According to this article, a former Toronto Maple Leafs forward hockey player- Alex Galchenyuk- was caught on bodycam footage threatening to kill two Scottsdale, Arizona police officers- and their families- during his arrest.

Who is Alex Galchenyuk?

Galchenyuk had recently signed as a free agent with the Arizona Coyotes, as noted here.

Toronto Maple Leafs Player Threatens Arizona Police

The incident occurred earlier this summer on July 9 when the officers were seemingly called to a parking lot near Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard. Allegedly, the 29-year-old former Maple Leafs forward player had reportedly crashed into a sign and a parked car. Galchenyuk was allegedly found on the ground when witnesses recalled his father arriving on the scene. His father supposedly picked him up and drove off with him.

Once police caught up with the vehicle, Galchenyuk’s father allegedly tried to say the hit-and-run was his fault, in which Galchenyuk himself then engaged with the officers, and a heated argument ensued.

“You understand I’ll chop all of you [****] up, right?”

“All your **** kids all your **** wives all your **** daughters will **** die. I’ll make sure of that.”

“One phone call and you’re dead. Your whole [****] bloodline is dead.”

These are some of the disturbing remarks Galchenyuk can be heard saying in the newly exposed bodycam video footage from that day. Footage also reportedly showed Galchenyuk with blood on his face, as noted here. Galchenyuk could allegedly be witnessed reaching under his seat. As a result, police had to handcuff him and call for backup. Officers allegedly claimed Galchenyuk was very impaired.

Check out this viral clip of the interaction below posted on X- formerly known as Twitter- by user @wiley_canuck.

Alex Galchenyuk Arrested

Following the incident, Galchenyuk was charged with hit-and-run, resisting arrest, and threatening police in connection with the incident.

Maple Leafs Player Arizona Police

Later on, on July 18, an open letter from Galchenyuk stated an apology. He also claimed that he had entered NHL/NHLPA Assistance Program. According to this article, Galchenyuk pleaded guilty to one count of threatening, and other charges were dismissed. He was also ordered to spend two days in jail, pay a $563 fine, and complete an alcohol treatment program.

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