It was 1917 when Cristóbal Balenciaga founded its Maison in San Sebastián, in the Basque Country, bringing it to Paris in 1937. Now, Balenciaga is one of the most prestigious and famous labels across the world, with viral fashion trends and the most popular celebrities as ambassadors. Since its foundation, the Spanish Maison has been known for going against the current and never compromising on creativity. And it’s what it’s still doing. Balenciaga Men’s Shoes for Fall 2022 are the latest proof of brand innovation and vanguardism. Here are 4 Balenciaga shoe models you need for the season.

Top Balenciaga Men’s Shoes: Runner low-top Trainers

Balenciaga Has Dropped Its New Runner Sneaker | Hypebeast

Image Credit: Balenciaga

Balenciaga presents a wide selection of sneakers, they became a must-have and now appear in almost every collection. But with the Runner Trainers, Balenciaga has stepped up its Men’s Shoes game. The model is simple yet impactful, especially in white: low-top sneakers in mesh and nylon, completely leather-free and with a worn-out effect. But the details are what impress the most. The print at the edge of the toe is the size, embossed also on the back, on the tongue, and on the back, there’s also an embroidered logo, as well as a printed one on the side. Urban trainers with the same amount of curated elements that you would find in a couture piece.

You definitely need them for your fall wardrobe.

Top Balenciaga Men’s Shoes: Cosy BB Mules

Men's Cosy Bb Mule in Black/silver | Balenciaga CA

Image Credit: Balenciaga

Balenciaga Men’s Shoes collection also offers many models of sandals and mules. Items that are perfect both with a suit for formal occasions or with a city urban outfit, maybe with visible contrasting socks. Among all the designs, one of the most interesting ones is definitely the Cosy BB Mules. Super comfortable slip-on with open back, all black (even the sole) with an impressed logo inside. And for the wow effect there’s of course the BB logo on the upper part made of semi-shiny palladium hardware. Speaking of materials, the Cosy BB Mules are in smooth calfskin and completely made in Italy.

They’re the shoes you want to wear everywhere, all the time. 

Phantom sneakers

Balenciaga Phantom Sneaker 'Yellow' | GOAT

Image Credit: Balenciaga

For a more minimalist take on sneakers, Balenciaga Men’s Shoes fall collection offers the inimitable Phantom Trainers. A monocolour pair of shoes, most fascinating in black, with a lot of subtle refinement. For example, the debased size on the top of the toe, the Phantom logo on the side of the sole, the Balenciaga logo embroidered at the back, and the embossed one on the front outsole. Light and perfectly fitting, these sneakers are made of fabric and mesh, proving the brand’s efforts in sustainability.

These Balenciaga Men’s Shoes are only for real fashion connoisseurs.

Balenciaga x Crocs Boots

Balenciaga Transformed Crocs Into Stilettos and Rain Boots

Image credit: Balenciaga

Of course the black Balenciaga x Crocs Boots deserve a mention. The second collaboration between the two brands sees the classic clog made into a Boot, with rubber from look 16 of the Spanish Maison Spring 22 collection. Round toe, debossed logo at front, and embossed size at back for the perfect fall boots. Balenciaga Men’s Shoes are meant to be bold and there’s nothing bolder than these.

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