With the warmer weather, prodigious daylight and kinder breeze, the summer can be an amazing season for sprucing up your home’s décor, or even improving its functionality.

Summer home

Here are some excellent ideas for projects you can undertake in the summer months, from the smallest touch-ups to bigger investments.

Refresh Rooms with a Lick of Paint

Arguably the easiest of home improvement projects to action, painting your home can have a profound impact on its freshness and feel. Throw open all the doors and windows, cluster your furniture into the centre of each room and paint your home with a fresh, contemporary colour palette in mind. New colours can give your home a new lease of life, and be a major inspiration for new ways to dress each space with furniture and accessories.

New Crown Moulding

A left-field possibility for your summer home-refresh project but replacing or even adding crown moulding to your living spaces can elevate them completely. For the uninitiated, crown moulding is a form of cornice decoration, where decorative strips are used to mask where wall and ceiling meet. There are all manners of ornate design for crown moulding, functionally distinct from coving which typically exhibits concave design.

Adding crown moulding is a supremely simple process, requiring little more than a ladder, a nail gun, some decorator’s caulk and an afternoon of your time. Your choice of crown moulding can help you achieve loftier ambitions for your interior décor, whether you are a cottage-core enthusiast or reaching for more aspirational Bridgerton-chic design.

beach home

Update Your Heating System

While a more major intervention than others on this list, updating your central heating can be an incredibly rewarding thing to do; picking from a range of new boilers enables you to access new energy efficiency standards, potentially bringing your energy bills down for the coming winter.

While on the face of it, this may seem counterintuitive, choosing the summer to upgrade your heating system is a great common-sense move to make. Due to the consistently high temperatures, you will only be using your boiler for washing yourself, your clothes and your dishes. As such, you can swap your boiler without having too drastic an effect on your day-to-day living during installation.

Sort Out Your Garden

Lastly, and perhaps most fittingly for the summer, we come to the garden. A winter of inactivity bordering on hibernation will have made for a messy outdoors, but the clement weather of the summer months is the perfect opportunity for you to rediscover your green fingers and get to work bringing your gardens back to life.

Your efforts can be as simple as a mowing the grass and re-instituting your flowerbeds, but power-washing any decking, patio surfaces and flagstones can also go a long way to refreshing your home from the outside.

Published by HOLR Magazine.