A big name in wine, you have most certainly seen the wines of  Masi Agricola before. They are a staple on LCBO and wine store shelves across the country. Iconic with their circular art-déco style label and all caps MASI insignia. The winery has deep roots in the famed Amarone region of Veneto, Italy. With a massive wine catalogue, the seventh-generation wine producer has brought the culture and taste of Italian life into the glass. They have revolutionized Veneto’s classic wines, and this year they are at it again with their new Fresco di Masi Rosso and Bianco. These two organic, natural and sustainable wines are on LCBO store shelves now.

There has been a booming call for more authentic wines over the last several years. Many wine lovers are moving past consumer-crafted wines and are more interested in sincere expressions that hint at a more candid moment in wine life. Organically made wine sales have been on the rise year after year. Global interest in naturally made wines has increased by 150%. Unfiltered and vegan-friendly wines are becoming more common along with wine productions considering environmental impact, including a wine’s packaging. Masi’s decision to answer these calls is not unnoticed, doing it all with two wines, the Fresco di Masi Rosso and Bianco, that don’t skimp on taste and that classic wine experience.

The name ‘Fresco’ or ‘fresh’ in English highlights the conceptual nature of these wines. Launching their Fresco di Masi brand recently, the Rosso and Bianco wines in the line are very of the moment. They are made using a mix of regional and international grapes. The Rosso is a blend of Corvina (a regional native grape) with Merlot, and the Bianco, a combination of the Italian native grapes of Garganega and Pinot Grigio with Chardonnay. Both wines are crafted in the low-intervention winemaking style, with zero oak aging, and present as fresh, lively, vivid wines in the glass. 

The goal was to create wines that reflected the nature of the Veneto winery through wines that are natural, organic, vegan, low in alcohol and bottled in sustainable packaging. Presented in transparent glass bottles, topped by only a cork and beeswax stopper, there is not a lick of plastic in the Fresco di Masi packaging. Modernizing the labels by working with the RafCycle Project by UPM Raflatac to reduce waste volumes going to landfills and make up-cycled versions of the classic Masi design. As well as converting 15% of their energy needs during production to solar panel-derived power. On the winemaking side, these wines are literally grapes in a bottle. Crafted from organically grown vineyards in the Zuane commune of Rivoli Veronese in Verona province and turning from grape juice to wine via natural fermentation. Fermented with wild, indigenous yeast and not run through a filtration process, the Rosso and the Bianco qualify as naturally made vegan wines. 


Taste is the make-or-break point for determining a good wine, so let’s dive into the glass. These are the perfect wines for summer with compelling flavours and a lighter feel on the palate. The Fresco di Masi Bianco is a delightful sunny yellow colour. Delivering aromas notes of white-fleshed pears, white cranberry, yellow apple, white peach and touches of white flowers. Followed by a surprisingly textured palate, with just a hint of fruitiness and a bright finish overall. The Fresco di Masi Rosso, with its pale cherry colour, is a vibrant light red with aromas of cherries, pomegranates, blackcurrant, raspberries, and red floral notes. Complemented by a palate with a bright berry fruitiness, an easy structure and a fresh finish.


Swirl, sip and enjoy! Both Fresco di Masi wines are great all on their own. However, pairing well with easy summer dishes too. Paired best when served with light pasta dishes, vegetarian fare, cured meats and cheese and even light seafood. Serve up the Bianco as an aperitif with snacks, and you can easily roll into popping a bottle of the Rosso to complement the main course. 

Find both the Fresco di Masi Rosso and Bianco on wine store shelves now and enjoy the sincere and authentic expression Masi is serving this summer!