Facials are quite a relaxing treat, but they’re a little hard to keep up with considering their luxurious price point. Before you know it, you will be throwing away hundreds of dollars that could be spent on rent. Yes, proper skin care is essential, and acts of self-care are encouraged, but it’s a matter of finding alternatives that suit your lifestyle. This prompts the question, “how do I achieve the results of a facial at home?”

There are many products made available for you to use at home that will deliver very similar results. The brand NEOSTRATA has come out with Bionic Oxygen Recovery, a new restoring facial-care product for you to try out. This foaming facial delivers molecular Oxygen and PHA/Bionic Acid to target any visible signs of photoaging, as well as to revitalize and rebalance stressed skin—which we all could use some help with.NeoStrata Bionic Oxygen RecoveryHere, let me break this down for you a little further…

Oxygen is essential for optimized skin cell processes; it helps detoxify and eliminate that aging dullness we all fear. At the same time, Oxygen helps support vital cellular energy. Essentially, molecular Oxygen is needed for that energized, youthful-looking glow on your skin that we all long for. Meanwhile, the 6% antioxidant PHA/Bionic Blend will help gently exfoliate and enhance suppleness and translucent radiance in your skin. (Supermodel skin? Yes please!)Supermodel SkinThis product is ideal for normal type skin, and for those of you with sensitive skin, fear not, it is fragrance-free and oil-free. All you have to do is wet your face and massage a generous layer of Bionic Oxygen Recoveryonto your damp skin for about 5 minutes. Allow the product to work its magic and you will feel an oxygenating foam form and dissipate while working it in. Once you’re finished, rinse it off with cool water to help shrink your pores—and voila!

Based on previous results after just ONE use: 100% of people felt an improved overall appearance of their skin and 97% of people experienced softer, silkier skin that appeared more radiant, and less stressed. According to these results, it seems as though constant use of this product will help better your overall skin appearance through advanced Oxygen recovery. Considering the price point of $78.00 for 97ml, this is perfect investment and addition to your skincare routine. In comparison to expensive skin procedures—such as pricey monthly facials—Bionic Oxygen Recovery is a practical and affordable product to help enhance your skin health.NeoStrata Bionic Oxygen RecoveryThis product pairs well with the following NEOSTRATA peels: Dual Acid Antiaging Peel, Dual Acid Brightening Peel, and Dual Acid Clarifying Peel.



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