DIY gifts are and always have been some of the best gifts due to their sentimental value. Always being a one-of-a-kind gift, the unique property of DIY gifts makes your gift stand out.

Check out our top 5 DIY gifts for under $20 that will leave a lasting impact.

Bracelet Making

Starting from the top, bracelet making has been and always will be a top DIY gift. Bracelets can be incredibly colourful and fun to look at and play with while also able to hold great personal value. Making a customized bracelet can be the perfect gift that they will carry around every day.

Customized Playlist

We all love listening to music, and listening to a playlist that works perfectly for a mood or feeling is even better. This is a wonderful gift for those you know well, or rather their taste of music well. Spending the time and compiling a list of songs to match a mood will get them to think of you every time they listen to it. We recommend looking at a mood wheel to find the emotion(s) you wish to capture for your gift. Seasonal moods are also great playlists to make!

Photo Collage

Looking to tie back fond memories together? A photo collage is a perfect gift as it easily brings back nostalgia to the recipient. Cool ideas for this are seasonal collages through the years or a story collage. This DIY gift just takes a thumb for a creative touch and a lot of photos to go through. Perfect for friends and family!

Nail Polish Paintings

A little out there, but nail polish paintings are some of the coolest pieces of art and they take little to no skill to do! There are many quick guides on making nail polish paintings, all you need is to get a canvas for you to work your magic. This gift will easily make an impression due to the stand-out nature of the painting which will remind the person every time they see it on their walls.

Rice Heat Pack

Bizarre? Yes. Useful? Yes! Rememberable? Yes!! Rice heat packs are easy to make and far more enjoyable to use than regular heat packs. Being customizable, this gift can make a very nice addition to a home. Also serving potentially as an ice pack, the rice pack is a remarkable gift as everyone gets injured from time to time and every time they use this they will think of you. For being such a rarely thought of item, a DIY rice pack is an amazing gift!

DIY projects don’t just have to be for friends, there are some DIY things you can do for yourself, like improving your home.