The Scottish actor Gerard Butler revealed how he ‘almost killed’ Hilary Swank while shooting the romantic drama ‘P.S. I Love You.’

Gerard Butler recalled old memories as he appeared on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” spilling untold stories from behind the scenes of his films, including the accident that almost killed the American actress Hilary Swank

The Scottish film producer commented on how lovely it was to work with Hilary Swank back in 2007, saying: “She’s so cool, and so great to work with, that I almost killed her.”

However, the pair starred in P.S. I Love You didn’t have a smooth ride due to the unfortunate accident that occurred on set as he explains: “I literally shot that scene for a day-and-a-half and I had to dance like an idiot in the suspenders … At one point, the clip, which was a crocodile clip, got stuck in the television as I’m crawling towards her. And she’s right in front of me and she’s laughing hysterically … I’m crawling towards the bed, it gets stuck, it releases… BOOM! It flies over my head, hits her in the head, slashes her head.”

He continued, “I mean, you could even see the teeth of the [clip], and she has to get taken to the hospital.”

The actor reflected on what happened and shared his reaction saying: “In three seconds everybody’s gone, and I’m just sitting there in my Irish boxer shorts and my boots and a pair of socks, and I just started crying,” and added, “I just scarred Hilary Swank, I almost took her eye out and I just made a fool of myself.”

Thankfully, the actress was fine, and the film ended up a box-office hit.

Published by HOLR Magazine.