Learning how to play the piano may feel daunting at first, but like anything, it takes time and dedication. The notes on sheet music may seem more complicated, but after some learning, it will be easy to grasp. Here are some tips to consider when first getting started when learning the piano.

Learning Sheet Music

Learning how to play the piano is most commonly done by learning how to play through the use of sheet music. Learning how to play by reading notes and sheet music is one of the more fundamental ways to learn how to play the piano. Once you have your grasp and knowledge of how to read the notes written on sheet music, you will be able to learn how to play any song written out in this format in a faster way and shorter period of time. This is the most common way to learn how to play the piano, although for some people, it is not as engaging or ideal because of the monotony or tediousness of the initial learning process. However, this is an effective way to learn and teach because you are essentially being given the language of music, and will be able to translate to playing a variety of songs when given it on songbooks in the same format. Learning songs through sheet music will vary from musician to musician, and some will pick it up much quicker than others. 

Listening To Music And Playing By Ear

One other way that you can easily learn how to play piano is by ear. If you are naturally gifted musically, you will be able to recognize chords and melodies simply by listening to them. Growing up with music is extremely helpful to help give you this edge or ability, so encourage the presence of music in your household and play as much music as possible. The more music that you listen to actively, being aware of it and not just in the background, the stronger your ability will be to recognize and identify such music patterns. Mimicking such songs and keys on your instruments, as well as trying to recreate such notes and songs will also help develop your ability as you continue to practice and improve your abilities of music recognition.

Finding The Right Teachers

It is important that when you are trying to learn how to play any instrument, that you get the right teachers for the job. Teachers are crucial for many beginners and new piano players. As a student, it is important that you find teachers that you are comfortable with and ones that have characteristics that translate to a conducive learning experience such as patience, empathy and understanding, knowledge, and the strong ability to communicate and teach clearly during lessons. With the right teachers, learning how to play the piano will be a much easier and enjoyable experience, creating a long lasting desire to continue playing for years to come. Having this one on one time also makes the teaching experience more personal to be catered to your needs as a student.

Starting With Playing Simple Songs

One of the most important ways to learn how to play piano, especially as a beginner, is to develop that interest, love and joy of playing music and on your piano. A lot of the early stages of your lessons and teachings will involve learning the basics and fundamentals of the instrument, as well as music theory. However, you want to also ensure that you stay motivated as a student to continue to learn and play. If you are a teacher, remember that you want to create a fun learning environment to ensure that students’ interest levels do not waver. Even for students that spend a significant amount of time learning, if they are not playing music they like and enjoy, they will quickly and easily fall out of love with playing piano, lose interest, and may choose not to continue further, regardless of their talent and skill. For beginners, finding easy piano songs to learn and that they can see their progress is important to their experience. Playing chords or scales will not be enough to entice students to stick with their lessons, and playing outdated songs may leave them bored. If your students can learn and play recognizable songs, they will be more excited to share their new found lessons with others.

Finding And Mimicking Tutorials

A great way to get started with music, and even learning how to play the piano, is through tutorials in various online platforms. One of the biggest factors that impede people from learning is the lack of access to teachers. This can be for a number of reasons, from financial difficulty, to simply not having the options in your area. With the internet, there are many communities and platforms that provide such options. You can seek out free tutorials such as those found on youtube and other video sharing sites. These make the entry into learning different instruments much easier, and allow access to anyone. These types of video teaching content can be consumed at your own time and pace, so it works great with anyone’s schedule. You don’t have to worry about missing classes, or rescheduling, and essentially watch and learn at your own pace, after work, before school, or whenever you find the time.

Improvisation And Learning With Chords

As you begin your learning experience and are getting started with the piano or other instruments, one thing you should consider is if you are actually learning how to play or if you are simply mirroring what others are teaching you. Yes, you may be able to replicate sounds, and songs, but learning how to play involves some form of improvisation. This is why it is important that you learn how to play chords and not simply read them off the music sheets. This will allow you to create your own songs and music, and ultimately translate to you learning much more effectively.

Playing music should feel natural, and it will after you get through the first few obstacles of learning. It takes time, and you have to have patience in yourself, knowing that if you put the time in, it will pay off. You’ll be making music before you even know it.