Gigi Hadid Arrested

News outlets announced earlier this week that Gigi Hadid was recently arrested in the Cayman Islands for marijuana possession. According to this article, the supermodel was arrested after her luggage was scanned at the airport upon her and her friend, Leah Nicole McCarthy, arrival.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @gigihadid

According to this source, police found marijuana in her luggage and “utensils used for the consumption of ganja.” Additionally, “the quantities were relatively small and were seemingly for personal consumption.” The arrest happened on July 10, when the two friends were taken to the Prisoner Detention Center. They were released on July 12, after they appeared at the Summary Court, pleaded guilty, and were fined $1,000.

Gigi Hadid and Leah Nicole McCarthy Cayman Islands

Gigi Hadid

Photo Credit: Instagram / @gigihadid

In a statement for E! News, Gigi’s representative spoke about the incident. “Gigi was traveling with marijuana purchased legally in NYC with a medical license. It has also been legal for medical use in Grand Cayman since 2017. Her record remains clear, and she enjoyed the rest of her time on the island.” her rep said.

Gigi Hadid Arrest

Earlier today, Hadid posted a photo dump on Instagram from her vacation in which she made fun of what had happened. “All’s well that ends well,” she captioned the post.


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Some people commented on the incident and made fun as well of the arrest, pointing to the fact that Gigi seemed to be unbothered by it. “she couldn’t care less lmao,” one person wrote. “i like to imagine she’s posting this while getting bailed out”, another one added.

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