Few brands understand the true underlying purpose of fashion; to be an extension of one’s self-expression. Vitae Apparel understands the power fashion can have on one’s self-confidence and strategically designed all its products to empower all females by embracing all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. The swim and activewear brand is fueled by its mission to break the industry norms and empower all women by providing comfortable, high-quality, and fashionable clothing options. 

Founded by Selene Dior in 2016, Vitae Apparel proved quickly to be a Canadian success story when it was recognized for its unique mission and high-functioning clothing. Initially disappointed with the rarity of fashionable swimwear with high functionality available on the market, Dior decided to take matters into her own hands and design swimwear. Being a former competitive swimmer, Dior knew precisely what her ideal swimsuit would look like and what features would make or break a design. Having her own experience struggling with self-esteem, Dior decided to create her brand to empower women and let them feel their best selves. 

Based in Vancouver, all clothing is designed by Dior in the Vitae Apparel office, where female-owned manufacturers then develop it. One of its newest bikinis, the Daisy Marilyn, is made of an eco-friendly material called Reco-Tex. Reco-Tex is a polyester fabric created using recycled plastic water bottles. The Daisy Marilyn bikini uses breathable fabric and is made to have a four-way stretch, making it the perfect bikini for all body types. The use of recycled material demonstrates Vitae Apparel’s ethics by committing to sustainable efforts. 

The unique mission of Vitae Apparel is a perfect example of how females can empower one another by joining forces to create. With Vitae translating into the feminine plural of ‘lifestyle,’ the dedication to uplifting women and bringing our society closer to gender equality shows to run deep in the brand’s moral code. To learn more about this fantastic, innovative brand, you can visit vitaeapparel.com.