Hair shedding and thinning can be a debilitating experience, so we’re always on the hunt for the best products for hair growth.

We’ve recently discovered Tayloáni, which carries a range of effective hair growth products that actually work. Tayloáni hair growth treatment products get to the root of the problem and deliver real results for real people. There are four products available and when used together they have had a 95% success rate. The Infinigrowth Masque and Inifinigrowth Shampoo infused with Biotin and Jamaican Black Castor Oil, the Inifinigrowth Thermocap and the Inifinigrowth Detangler. We love this range of gentle and vegan products that stimulate the scalp and roots to help speed up hair growth and result in thicker, longer hair. So whether your suffering from postpartum hair loss, covid hair loss, hair thinning from stress, age or hormones, Tayloáni has you covered.

We wanted to learn more about the brand so spoke with founder Han Taylor to get the inside scoop on hair growth.

Tayloáni Founder Han Taylor

What inspired you to create your own hair care/hair growth brand?

Looking back at hair care brands available in the market, almost none of them were for young moms and pregnant ladies who are suffering from hair loss.  As I looked at my pregnant friends, I also quickly understood that once I enter motherhood, almost none of the products I use will be good for me.

This inspired me to empower young moms, so they don’t feel ashamed of the hair loss they suffer from motherhood. This is the very story behind the creation of Tayloáni, which is a brand that focuses on pregnant women and young ladies. Of course, any man or woman who suffers from hair loss can also benefit from this brand, but what inspired me to create this brand, was essentially young moms. 

best hair growth product
Verified before and after of a customer using Tayloáni for 2 months. https://tayloani.com/pages/reviews-2

What was the process like for determining which ingredients would be most effective?

After speaking to hair chemists and scientists who have worked in the industry  for several years, we figured that the best way to battle hair loss, is to combine all  the main ingredients which have proven to be effective in preventing hair loss in the recent years. 

On top of that, we also discovered that combining those ingredients with a Thermocap will activate and intensify the results and process. 

hair growth product before and after
Verified Before and After using Tayloáni for 3 months

We love the branding! How involved were you with the creation of the brand?

I have been suffering from hair loss for over 10 years. As such, me and my husband are ongoing with the research since 2011 to discover the most effective ingredients and solutions for hair loss. 

We built this brand from scratch by ourselves, and have been involved in every  single process, getting our hands dirty with all aspects ranging from macro direction  to micro details. 

Essentially, we are fuelled by commitment, dedication and perseverance. 

The Tayloáni Collection

How does Tayloáni differ from other hair care brands that help with scalp  health and hair growth?

Tayloáni combines a unique microwavable technology together with the most effective ingredients in the market to prevent hair loss. We focus on treating damaged hair and using beneficial ingredients to stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth. 

No other company has ever made it so easy for one to treat their scalp and hair loss in 10 minutes, from the comfort of their homes. This weekly treatment applies a microwavable technology and performs best when paired with the beneficial ingredients of the hair mask. In addition, we also added in a hair detangler into our Infinigrowth Bundle which allows one to brush their hair without risking more hair loss like other combs do. 

Above all, our emphasis on young moms differ us from any other brands. 

What specific hair needs did you have that you felt other brands weren’t addressing?

Pregnant ladies and young moms are struggling daily to find solutions for their hair loss issues. 

Society teaches us from a very young age that once we become parents, all that matters to us is our kids. We wanted to address hair loss caused by pregnancy and empower them, giving them a pregnancy-friendly option and an all in one bundle that will maximize results to prevent hair loss and intensify hair growth. 

Can you please tell us which Tayloáni products you use and how frequently?

I use all of them according to the instructions. I use the shampoo every other day, and Infinigrowth Bundle once a week. As for the hair detangler, I use it twice a day. 

product for damaged hair

As a female entrepreneur, what have you found to be the most rewarding  part of creating your own brand?

After creating our brand and selling the products, we have received a lot of comments from clients saying how they love our products, and how they have benefited from them. We had this one lady who lost all of her hair due to cancer and she emailed us to let us know that our product is the only thing that helped her regrow hair after chemotherapy. 

After reading her email, I started crying and understood my calling in this world. I  think this was the most emotional moment I had since we started this brand. My focus was on young ladies who are suffering from hair loss and as we progress, it turned out to be something way bigger than what I intended it to be.

What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faces in starting your own brand  and how did you overcome it?

Starting a brand these days is extremely hard. It has come to my realization that designing, researching, manufacturing, developing are words and works that appear  to be much bigger than they sound. 

On top of that, every single step of the process demanded sleepless nights, endless discussions with suppliers from other parts of the world and countless days in the lab with the chemists (includes donating my own hair to science experiments, literally). 

best product for hair loss
Before and after using Tayloáni

Meanwhile, almost every other hair care brand includes sulfates and parabens in  their ingredients to save the cost of production. So, one of the main challenges we had in creating this brand was to formulate products with no sulfates, parabens, all while making them vegan. 

As such, developing our Infinigrowth Hair Mask and Shampoo took us a lot more  years than it should’ve because we didn’t want to compromise and give in to the use of harmful ingredients. 

covid hair loss
Before and after using Tayloáni

Each and every item we sell took years of development. We overcame these obstacles by believing that we are doing the right thing with hopes that many other  people other will benefit from it.

Click on the link to learn more about Tayloáni and find more of their effective hair growth products.