Harry Styles Grammy drama? HOLR is breaking down what happened!

Harry Styles attended and took home a win during this year’s Grammy Awards 2023.

Harry Styles Grammys 2023

Harry Styles recently attended the 2023 Grammy Awards where he also performed. During his attendance, he took home a win for “Album of the Year.”

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Harry Styles Grammy Outfits

Styles made waves online after sporting a bedazzled jumpsuit. The singer wore a rainbow-colored harlequin jumpsuit by Egonlab and Swarovski on the Grammys red carpet. The jumpsuit featured a low neckline.

harry styles

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The singer sported a couple of other outfit changes during the night as mentioned here. During his performance of “As it Was” he wore a silver, glittery Gucci one-piece. Then, when accepting his ward on stage, he wore another Gucci ensemble which consisted of a blazer, sequin tank top, and camel pants.

Harry Styles Grammy Drama

Styles took home the Grammy Award for “Album of the Year” for his 2022 album, “Harry’s House.” This seemed to stir quite a controversy among Beyoncé fans who thought she was more deserving of the win. In this article, people were reportedly heard shouting “Beyoncé” as Styles walked up the stage to accept his award. Beyoncé had set a record for her wins earlier that night. Even though she snagged a ton of wins during the course of her career, she has yet to win the coveted “Album of the Year” Grammy award.

Harry Styles Speech

A line from Harry’s acceptance speech also contributed to the drama.

“This is so, so kind. This doesn’t happen to people like me very often,” Styles said while accepting his award on stage. “This is so, so nice. Thank you very, very much.”

As a result of this line, users online “zeroed in on Styles’ mention of “people like (him).” To people online, this supposedly suggests that he is not acknowledging his privilege as a white man. This is because the majority of  “Album of the Year “Grammy winners have been cisgender white men, similar to Styles.

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