Sources Claim Liam Payne Is ‘Desperate’ For A One Direction Reunion

According to Ok! Magazine, former boyband member Liam Payne, is ‘desperately’ trying to make amends with the rest of the 1D boys and possibly round the group up for a reunion.

“Liam is desperate to get back on the road with the boys. His solo career hasn’t remained as successful as he hoped it would, and work has become stagnant for him. In contrast, he can see how well Harry is doing and he’d love that level of stardom for himself,” Sources state.

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“He knows he’s somewhat fallen out of favour with the public, and believes the only way he’ll be able to win back his fans is with a One Direction reunion.” (via The Daily Mail)

Making Amends

In recent years, Payne has had a few scandals online which has gotten him into trouble with his dedicated One Direction fans.

In May 2022, Payne joined Logan Paul on his podcast where fans believe he took it too far with his ‘bold statements.’

During the interview, Payne claimed the boyband was created around him, talked poorly about ex-member, Zayn Malik and recalled some violent encounters in the band which resulted in pinning each other into walls.

This caused a mass of fans to turn on Payne overnight.

“It got quite dark for me”

According to an insider from Ok! Magazine, Liam now expresses regret over their past remarks about the boys and did not anticipate the negative reaction they received. The insider also mentioned that Payne has been attempting to reach out to Harry and Niall in hopes of a reunion, although he fears that he may have damaged his relationship with Zayn due to his controversial remarks.

Liam has publically apologized for his antics on the podcast via Instagram.

“It got quite dark for me for one point when you guys turned on me. I didn’t leave the house for 3 months,” he admitted,

“You guys know I’m sorry about all that stuff I love my boys not sure what was going on with me other than I had a problem with me and I took it out on everyone else…Never had a bigger chip on my shoulder and I’m really glad to lose it.”

Via Instagram @liampayne

“I’m hoping that you guys can forgive me in time because we’ve been through far [too] much but the jokes are funny keep em coming.”

Since then, it seems Liam has been in everyone’s good graces since the apology. He was seen out supporting Louis Tomlinson at Leicester Square in London for Tomlinson’s documentary, “All Of Those Voices.”

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