Actor Harrison Ford inspires the new Apple TV+ comedy-drama series ‘Shrinking’ cast alongside fellow actor Jason Segel and showrunner Bill Lawrence.

Image credit: Gilbert Flores for Variety

The screenwriter Bill Lawrence introduced a “Harrison Ford-type” character in the pilot script of his new Apple TV+ comedy titled Shrinking but never guessed he would get the real deal. After taking an unlikely shot, he sent the “Indiana Jones” actor the script, who eventually agreed to play Paul’s role as a grumpy therapist who works with Shrinking star Jason Segel in a mental health practice. In a recent interview, Bill Lawrence commented on the matter, saying, “If he had not shown up on set, I would not have been shocked,” adding, “but he showed up. He’s lovely, he’s inspiring. He’s 80 years old and still challenging himself.”

Shrinking comedy with drama chops premiered on Friday, January 27, 2023, on Apple TV+

The series is centered around a grieving therapist called Jimmy (played by Jason Segel), who starts breaking the rules by bluntly telling his clients what he exactly thinks as he struggles with his daughter Alice (Lukita Maxwell), a dire daughter-father relationship situation alongside his peppy next-door neighbor Liz (Christa Miller), fellow therapists Gaby (Jessica Williams) and Paul (Harrison Ford), his best friend Brian (Michael Urie), and his own patients. The lead character, Jimmy, forms an unusual relationship with a 22-year-old military veteran dealing with severe PTSD, costing him his family loss. 

Comedian Jason Segel appreciated Harrison Ford’s presence saying, “One of the things that’s really cool about Harrison Ford is that he considers himself a tradesman, like a craftsman. He was a carpenter and now he’s an actor,” adding, “his job is to come in and build these scenes and you’re his partner in that.”

Image credit: Apple TV+

Actress Jessica Williams also described working with Harrison Ford as “surreal,” explaining, “He is delightful, charming, nice, giving. And he’s magic to watch, honestly,” and added, “you just watch him do some takes and … he’s got the glimmer in his eye. He’s got the thing. And it’s really inspiring to see someone that’s like over 80 hitting his marks and staying so sharp while also, you know, really caring about the work.”

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