Tanning can always have a lot of people become skeptical of the ordeals, but Tan On The Run is an organic spray-tan company with ethically sourced ingredients that give you 100% satisfaction. If you have an important event, like a wedding, a photo shoot, or a big business meeting Tan On The Run can give you a look like no other that can be achieved anywhere and easily. 


This Canadian-based brand has worked with many people, including being the official sponsor of the Toronto Raptors and Argos, and the best part, they are trusted by Lady Gaga, who is a regular. 

At-home spray tanning is done by professionally trained technicians who are available all around Canada and the globe. TOTR has franchise-based opportunities for technicians wanting to bring TOTR to their hometown/ area. All you need to do is find a location via their website, and book an appointment. 

The session is fun and easy, all you need to do is tell them the location, when the technician arrives they set up a spray tent, almost the size of an old school telephone booth, you get ready in your tanning clothes whether it is bathing suit, or no clothes at all for that no tan line look. The process is simple and TOTR uses organic products from OhSo Organic. All you need to do is make sure to not rub off the tanning spray and it will last for about 7-10 days.

The founder of Tan On The Run, Nicole Hyatt, is an expert in spray tanning and has personally tanned over 30,000 clients. She has trained hundreds of technicians on how to get the best spray tan and has personally found the best products for tanning. Spray tanning is a much better alternative than UV tanning, and UV tanning is harmful and can cause skin cancer. 


With franchise opportunities and mobile solutions, Nicole has created a spray tan company that can work anywhere and anytime. Being able to go to the client allows for better results and more clients. Thinking of doing an entire bridal party, or needing to go on set for media personal is easy when using Tan On The Run. 

This safe, and organic alternative to tanning also allow you to keep up with your tanning. With UV tanning it is bad to do it very often and can be very expensive. With Tan on the Run spray tans, you can be done in 20 minutes, all you need to do is make sure you let it set for 8-12 hours before an important event, so it does not rub off on any clothes. 

Thinking of trying it out for your event, well TOTR is trusted by many including celebrities, media personal, and many many more.