Tea is, statistically, the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Its popularity continues to grow as people are becoming more reliant on the countless health benefits this aromatic beverage provides. In fact, it is believed that even one cup of tea every day plays an important role in keeping you healthy.

There are five types of “true teas” and all come from the Camellia sinensis plant which is a species of small trees or evergreen shrubs. Any other teas which don’t come from this plant aren’t considered as true, but rather an infusion. All five tea varieties are developed differently through various harvesting and processing methods which account for each tea’s unique characteristics. And, in order to get the most benefits out of any tea, it is recommended that you opt for loose leaf tea.

Generally speaking, loose leaf tea is a tea that is not brewed in a teabag. It includes dried tea leaves steeped into hot water while extracting a wide range of vitamins, minerals, aromas and flavors.

The best thing about loose leaf tea is that it allows the creation of different tea variations. Therefore, if you are a true tea admirer, take a look at the best loose leaf tea blends you should try immediately.


Black tea

Black tea is one of the most popular true tea varieties. It differs from other types due to the full oxidation of the tea leaves before they are dried. This process is responsible for the tea’s dark color which also affects the flavor. Depending on the tea type, the overall flavor of black tea can range from savory to sweet depending on how long the oxidation process lasted for.

The moderate amount of caffeine content in black tea also makes it stand out more than other tea types. It contains about 50 milligrams of caffeine making it a healthier alternative than coffee.

Here are the two most popular black tea types.

Earl grey tea

Earl grey tea is mostly recognized for its citrus flavor as well as the many health benefits it provides consumers.

For example, Earl Grey tea is the perfect hot beverage which can give you an energy boost especially in the morning or before engaging in an intense workout session. Also, drinking it will keep you hydrated due to the presence of high potassium content.

Assam tea

Assam tea is considered a breakfast tea which is well known for its rich, malty flavor as well as its endless health benefits. It is full of antioxidants which play an important role in maintaining your overall health. They help in making your immune system stronger and protecting it from various diseases.

Other compounds present in Assam tea also help the prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer and supports heart and brain function.

Green tea

Green tea is the second most popular tea type which is mostly known for its weight loss abilities and grassy, sweet or seaweed-like flavor. It is made by heating and drying the tea leaves to prevent the occurrence of oxidation which accounts for the green and yellow color of this tea.

Also, the caffeine content in green tea is about 40 milligrams which is lower than the one in black tea. However, this all depends on the type of green tea as well as the processing method used.

Here are the two most popular green tea types.

Matcha tea

Matcha tea has recently become one of most popular beverages due to the countless health benefits it provides. One of these includes the ability to help you in the process of losing weight. By drinking it you will be able to boost your metabolism which further assists in fat burning.

Also, the presence of antioxidants in Matcha tea can help counteract the effects of free radicals which cause severe health conditions. For example, EGCG is a catechin that provides potent cancer-fighting properties.

Sencha tea

Sencha tea is a popular refreshing beverage with a grassy and sweet flavor. Since it is a green tea type, it is full of antioxidants and it is often used as part of weight loss programs.

One of the biggest health benefits of Sencha tea is that it has proven useful in boosting the immune system. The combination of antioxidants and vitamin C is perfect for those who wish to improve the functionality of their white blood cells.

White tea

White tea is the least processed tea type made from new growth buds and young leaves which are steamed to inactivate oxidation. The buds are covered by white hairs which is how this tea has gotten its name. Because the leaves are withered and lightly rolled, the color of white tea is usually pale and its flavor ranges from mellow floral to fruity.

Due to its minimal processing, the caffeine content in white tea is about 30 milligrams making it the only type of tea with the least caffeine out of all tea types.

Here are the two most popular white tea types.

Silver needle tea

Silver needle tea is the rarest white tea which is high in antioxidants and provides protection against severe health conditions. One of these includes improving digestion and alleviating the symptoms of stomach cramps or nausea.

Another benefit of this white tea type is that it has a calming effect due to the presence of the amino acid L-theanine which helps reduce stress and anxiety levels, relaxing the body in the process.

Ceylon tea

Ceylon tea is one of the most distinguished white tea types due to its unique notes of citrus taste and high antioxidant content. The impressive nutritional value of this tea helps reduce the risk of chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Also, the presence of antioxidants in Ceylon tea prevents damage to your skin cells. This results in minimizing the risk of wrinkles, skin blemishes and other aging effects.

Final thoughts

Fortunately, there are endless tea varieties that can accommodate every individual’s personal taste. One of the best ways to get the most of any tea type’s benefits is to opt for loose leaf teas because they provide a higher quality, stronger flavors and aromas. Whether you are looking for the right tea according to your needs or you simply want to experiment with new tea varieties, choose some of the loose leaf teas mentioned in this post and become a true tea enthusiast.