If you want to throw an unforgettable event, you can’t just serve ordinary food in ordinary ways. There’s a major difference between eating food and remembering a meal long after it’s gone.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate function, a private party, or even a glamorous wedding, here are a few ways that the best caterers kick things up a notch.

Chef-Inspired Meals

There’s a difference between having a good palate and undergoing the countless hours in training and in kitchens required to become a professional chef. Catering services offering chef inspired meals have pro chefs overseeing the menu.

They thoughtfully blend the ingredients and pair foods, elevating the menu beyond the ordinary fare. You won’t have to design the dishes or even lift a finger. Just let them handle it and let your guests be in awe of their food. 

Having a chef at the helm is a great way to ensure they leave the event raving to their friends and family about how delicious the food was. 

Every Kind of Meal

People have events at all times of day, so the best caterers offer a wide array of options suitable for the morning, noon, and night. The food needs to be delicious, but it’s not always the star of the show.

For example, there are work events where people need to eat more for fueling up than anything else. In such cases, breakfast boxes that are quick, simple, and delicious are perfect.

For events where guests have more time to spend eating and hanging out, a buffet option is perfect.

Dietary Accommodations

These days, it’s vital for caterers to offer food that all their guests can eat, so they need to be mindful of dietary restrictions. Many caterers serve things like nuts, meat, and food containing gluten in the regular course of their meals, but they should also provide alternatives.

Ensure that you speak to the caterers before the event about any dietary restrictions or accommodations your guests need. Let them know if one or more of your guests has a severe allergy to things like nuts, as some degree of cross-contamination in the kitchen is usually inevitable. Nut-free options are one thing, but people with severe allergies need to take extreme caution.

Environmentally Friendly

People everywhere are trying to be eco-conscious and reduce their carbon footprint. The leading caterers are doing the same, with things like environmentally friendly packaging made of moulded fibre pulp that is fully compostable. 

Whether you’re motivated by a personal commitment towards a healthier ecology for the planet or corporate targets for your business, either way, you need a caterer that takes lowering its carbon footprint seriously.

People are generally happy when someone gives them food. Serving them great food is a way to make a lasting impression they’ll tell people about. If you want to create an epic event that gets remembered and talked about, find a caterer who can touch on all the points described above.

Published by HOLR Magazine.