With the ever changing technology on offer, kids are getting lazier and as a result there are more problems related to obesity and childhood diabetes. More often than not kids copy what adults do, especially their parents, this includes behaviours in terms of exercise and relaxation time/down time. It is very easy for kids to copy behaviours, and to pick up bad habits, especially from an early age. It is much easier to stay inside, sit and play computer games, watch TV or play on a tablet and eat junk food than it is to eat a salad and take part in a form of exercise, and this is why it is super important that at any age kids should be encouraged to eat healthy diets and to take part in sport and physical exercise.

Lets Get Kids Active

Getting involved in any sport or physical activity and encouraging your kids to be active as and when they can will set them up for a fit and healthier future. You have to remember that the behaviours that your kids learn when they are younger will impact them as they are growing and as they get older.

There are lots of games and sports that can get your kids active, some are team sports and some are single player games. A fantastic sport that ticks both of these boxes is playing basketball.  Your kids can play basketball in a team, which encourages social interaction and teamwork, and they can also play and practice on their own at home which gives them something to do after school or at the weekends. 

You don’t need lots of expensive equipment to get your kids started and set up from home, just a basketball and a hoop. When getting a basketball hoop it is good to get a sturdy and safe one that you can fix to a wall or garage to ensure it is safe at all times for your kids to use and play with on a daily basis, this is why it is best to look at basketball hoops for mounting on walls. When it comes to getting a ball, why not let your kids pick one. Letting them choose their new basketball will help them feel involved, and will excite and encourage them. Once you have the equipment ready to go your kids will have no excuse when it comes to getting outside and exercising.


If after buying equipment you find your child is reluctant to get active and to exercise you will need to get more involved, you can do this, by looking at your own behaviours, diet and levels of exercise. Taking part in exercise with your kids is a great bonding exercise and will help bring you and your kids closer together. Playing together with your kids is just as important for their development as learning to play on their own is. Rewarding your kids, perhaps with a bit of TV time, or tablet time is fine, but set limits and boundaries from the outset. Showing your kids they get rewarded for being more active and supporting them when they exercise and play sports will of course be beneficial for them, encouraging them to keep going even when they might not feel like doing anything other than watching their favourite TV show. 


Words of encouragement such as your doing a great job, might not seem much to you, but could totally brighten your kids mood and their day. If you need other forms of encouragement for your kids why not look at reward charts. Making up a simple reward chart that gives your kid a smiley face or star each time they take part in exercise or do something more active than they did yesterday will provide the encouragement they need on a daily basis. 


It is important to remember that exercise and being more active in general is best integrated into your daily lives, this way it is seen as just a way of life and not a chore which they dread doing. If you are struggling to keep your kids motivated, remember short and sharp bursts are easier to maintain and implement than longer periods. Doing regular exercise, such as 30 minutes a day of basketball practice is better than doing nothing at all. As kids get bored very easily and quickly it is essential that you make any activities, exercise and sport as fun as possible. Keeping things fun but as structured as you can will ensure your kids enjoy getting and keeping active, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle both now and in the future.

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