The Thompson Hotel is home to many notable venues in Toronto.

A 360 view of downtown and beyond is what guests enjoy while sipping wine on the expansive and luxurious rooftop patio, while their club venue ‘Wildflower’ immerses you in the city’s urban and very happening nightlife culture. What you’ll be happy to hear is that while club hours are not in effect and patio is full, the Thompson Hotel has a venue that will meet your needs at any time of the day or year.

Thompson Diner has redone their menu- completely. The diversity is equipped to satisfy an early bird who is ready for their 6am breakfast, or a night crawler that needs a satisfying bite before bed. I was lucky enough to taste some highly anticipated dishes from the new repertoire.

My guest and I get comfortable in a round, classic diner booth directly in front of the bar and three TV’s showing the highly anticipated Leafs and Raptors games. The atmosphere inviting and nostalgic. The manager then came by with a bottle of sparkling and flat so we could keep our palettes cleansed for each meal tasting. Starting off with the tomato soup and grilled cheese and loaded chilli fries. As someone who is not a big fan of tomato soup, the bowl was quick to reach its end through a battle of clashing spoons between my guest and I. The chilli fries were delicious – the perfect dish to order when wanting to snack on something after having a drink too many over at Wildflower.

Next up was the truffle mac and cheese and bahn-mi sandwich. A very rich and indulgent take on a mac and cheese, so if you’re in search of an elevated classic (we’re talking gooey noodles with delicate pieces of crab), this dish will activate all your taste buds in an instant.

My guest and I eagerly peered at the menu, predicting what dish was coming next. Would we be lucky enough to snag a dish from the all-day breakfast selection? We could only hope. The Raptors’ Demar DeRozan hit an incredible 3-pointer, sending energy throughout the restaurant. Shifting our attention from the game back to the food were the  kitchen doors that flung open and revealed the sous chef gliding to our table with the Blackout Waffle. The classic waffle boasts toppings such as candied pecans, whipped honey butter, topped with a bourbon infused maple syrup and apple compote. Needless to say, we were having dessert before dessert.

Raptors inched to the 4th quarter with only a few points lead, as our tasting was wrapping up as well. Our sweet tooths were greeted by two desserts and a boozy creamsicle milkshake. The ‘Sour Cherry Pie’ brought in by @Wandas… and Classic Cheesecake from Carole’s cheesecake factory was the perfect wrap up to a tasting that brought us through a range of reactions and emotions.

We say with confidence, to go grab a bite at Thompson Hotels Thompson Diner for your next food outing!

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