Whether you are in Europe or Latin America, the Middle East, or Asia, food is an essential part of od travel. Street food and local restaurant picks can be rich and authentic, but fine dining can elevate your travel experience in creative and unexpected ways. 

Here’s a closer look into a few of the most unique picks from TripAdvisor’s list of the top fine dining restaurants around the globe. 

LeoBogotá, Colombia 

Chef Leonor Espinosa’s deep interest in anthropology and contemporary art come through here in both the dishes and the décor. Characterized by bold flavours and vibrant colors, Espinosa’s gastronomic dishes reflect her passion for sourcing uncommon ingredients and uplifting the traditional foodways of local Colombian communities. 

Lido 84Gardone Riviera, Italy 

In a lakeside building that exudes classic Italian romanticism and was once an outdoor swimming pool, Riccardo Camanini crafts new and creative dishes with locally curated ingredients. Transparency is of utmost importance at Lido 84, staff are happy to explain where every aspect of the food is sourced and how it is made. 

BenazuzaCancún, Mexico 

Found at the Grand Oasis Sens Resort, Benazuza is described as molecular gastronomy and “cocina tecnoemocional”, which translates to “techno-emotional cuisine”. The uniqueness of the experience comes from the all-Mexican ingredient dishes and science experiment-like cocktails that are firmly rooted in traditional food and drink. 

The GroveAuckland, New Zealand

In the heart of Auckland, The Grove is elevating the game when it comes to modern New Zealand cuisine. Based on the seasonality of ingredients and local suppliers, there are specialty dishes, à la carte, and most famously, a choice for up to 7 courses of the degustation experience. 

040 RestauranteSantiago, Chile 

Named one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America, this restaurant is hidden on the lower level of the Tinto Boutique Hotel. Combining high technical skills and authentically Chilean ingredients, the dining experience here is contemporary and described as having molecular-level precision. 

Uri BuriAcre, Israel 

A true stand out on this list, Uri Buri is a seafood haven. Located in one of the oldest cities in the world, the simple stone building and minimalist décor doesn’t particularly stand out, but the food does. Owner Uri Jeremias will tell you he is no “chef” and simply cooks what he enjoys eating, which happens to be seafood dishes ranging from complex and innovative to well known Israeli staples.  

AzurmendiLarrabetzu, Spain 

This is more than a restaurant. Sustainability and positive social impact are the focus here and giving back to the environment and community are top priorities. The cuisine is personalised and sourced locally or from the restaurant’s own garden. The glass-fronted building is built with nearly every single detail focused on a sustainable approach.  

Ise SueyoshiNishiazabu, Japan 

A small counter and a few tables characterise this spot known for Kaiseki dishes. The small and aesthetically beautiful succession of dishes are prepared right in front of guests and each aspect is fully explained. The ingredients are all sourced from Ise, Mie Prefecture and the restaurant has direct contact with farmers and fishermen.