By now, we’ve all learned the benefits that come with using natural DIY ingredients as part of our daily skin routines.

And when it comes to our faces, there is a great joy in the knowledge that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars (though, sometimes, it may be necessary) on serums and prescribed creams and ointments. Often, the key to good skin can lie farther from the pharmaceutical counter than you think.

For your list of natural beauty remedies, here are all the reasons why you should definitely start using Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. It’s our secret weapon.

So what exactly makes this face mask better than any other one of the dozens you may have used? Well, for starters, Indian Healing Clay has been proven to remove impurities and dirt that are buried deep within your pores—you can actually feel your skin pulsating under the thickness of the mask. Oh, and it fights acne. Rigourously.

It’s also a super affordable and healthy alternative to many of the top beauty treatments. Skincare can certainly be expensive—there are face masks out there that rings in at over $100. But good skin doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

Did we mention it’s also one of the most relaxing, soothing applications? There’s something very spa-like about painting your face with wet clay.

How to use:

There are so many recipes that work with this mask, but if you’re new to the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay party, you should probably start with the basics. Once you start getting more comfortable with the powder, you can incorporate your favourite essential oils and herbal extracts.

There are three simple ingredients that are used to for mask:

    • 1-3 tablespoons of Aztec Secret Indian healing clay
    • 1-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (or water)
    • Non-metallic bowl and spoon for mixing

Do not feel obligated or restricted to using one to three tablespoons; the consistency and quantity are all up to you, but it is important to use non-metallic items for this mixture.

Application directions:

Mix the clay powder with apple cider vinegar until you have reached a chunky consistency – if you have sensitive skin, replace the apple cider vinegar with water for the time being. With your fingers, apply the mixture. You can also spread this mask down to your neck line.

Once you have completed this, relax and let the mask sit on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes. This is when your skin will begin to tingle and pulsate which means it is absorbing the minerals. The clay will begin to dry 15 minutes into your relaxation, and when you feel it rinse it off before it begins to flake into hard shells.

So, for those of you who struggle with acne and blackheads, and would like a deep, facial treatment level cleansing, this small tub will work wonders on your skin.

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