Hero Cosmetics has officially landed in Canada! To celebrate the latest launch and expansion, we’re breaking down the must-try brand and some faves to add to the cart.

Viral skincare solutions brand, Hero Cosmetics, has been making waves online for putting the power back in your hands when it comes to preventing, treating, or repairing your skin. As a result, the cult-favourite company is famous for being a helpful hero when it comes to all things skincare-related. Through the revolutionary integration of powerhouse ingredients combined with thoughtful tools designed to help you help your skin, Hero Cosmetics has innovated the skincare game by giving you control over your skin.   

All About Hero Cosmetics’ viral success

Did you know that a box of Hero Cosmetics’ Mighty Patch sells every two seconds? It’s true- the brand is a fan-favourite skincare solutions go-to on social media! In fact, the TikTok viral pimple patches have over 441.1M views under #mightypatch and 391.8M views under #herocosmetics.

So, how did Hero Cosmetics come to be? It all started with a patch. Back in 2017, the brand came to fruition after co-founder and CEO, Ju Rhyu, had a pimple emergency. Realizing that there was a gap in the market for products that actually helped skin- instead of hurting it- Rhyu created Hero Cosmetics to empower users to prevent, treat, and repair skin effectively. Thanks to Hero Cosmetics, gone are the days of stripping, purging, and resurfacing. Say goodbye to so-called products that claim to help by causing redness and hello to gentle yet effective skincare solutions that help you be the hero of your own skin.

Now, the brand proudly offers 30+ skincare solutions that range from patches to creams to masks to everything in between! There is truly something for everyone in this lineup, and since Hero Cosmetics products are formulated to be sensitive skincare solutions, they are suitable for multiple skin types and concerns. 

Oh, Canada! Hero Cosmetics’ latest expansion

Canadian shoppers, rejoice! The must-try brand recently launched in Canada and it’s been a hit so far. Beloved by the global beauty community, the brand is a fave among influencers such as Alix Earle, and celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens and Maude Apatow. Due to the brand’s latest expansion, Canadians now have the opportunity to experience the power of Hero Cosmetics.

Hero Cosmetics’ new Canadian launch marks a milestone in the brand’s expansion endeavors as it hopes to continue reaching broader marketplaces in an effort to help skin everywhere. Canadians can now shop the brand’s wide array of skin care solutions and tools created to address everything from blemishes to dark spots to rosacea to acne-prone skin. Also, since Hero Cosmetics is committed to putting your skin first, Canadians can trust the brand’s consciously clinical ingredient list. Hero Cosmetics’ approach is clear- whatever the brand makes needs to work with your skin, never against it.

All skin welcome: Brand favourites

HOLR had the opportunity to try out some of the Mighty Patches from the brand first-hand, so we’re rounding up our must-tries from Hero Cosmetics, below.  

hero cosmetics

Image Credit: Hero Cosmetics

Mighty Patch – Original

This award-winning patch is formulated to help address blemishes thanks to its key ingredient – medical-grade hydrocolloid. Designed to heal and flatten pimples, this patch gently absorbs and traps gunk so you can wake up to clearer skin. This is one of my personal favorites from the brand because it’s so simple yet so effective. Not only does it create a barrier to keep me from picking or popping my zits, but I also love that it’s a zero-effort nighttime acne patch you can just apply and go to sleep with- win-win!

hero cosmetics

Image Credit: Hero Cosmetics

Mighty Patch – Invisible +

On the flip side, the Invisible + Mighty Patches are a seamless daytime skincare solution that are specially designed to be super thin and comfortable for all-day wear, so you can tackle your blemishes on the go. I actually love that these patches are practically invisible when applied so I can wear them confidently while out and about. The best part is that these patches do all the work for me, making it easy to address my sudden skincare concerns in a pinch. Plus, knowing my skin is being treated while going about my daily routine is an added bonus!

hero cosmetics

Image Credit: Hero Cosmetics

Mighty Patch – Surface

The Mighty Patch Surface patches are large and put you in charge of treating your skin! Designed as a more convenient larger patch to target bigger problem areas, these jumbo-size strips are made of medical-grade hydrocolloid and are perfect for pimple clusters that need a little extra attention. I tried one of these patches on a cluster of pimples that popped up on my forehead and loved how convenient the patch was to use- plus, it’s suitable for my sensitive skin! The XL size allowed the product to address multiple pimples at once and they both reduced in size and swelling after one use! Since these patches are designed to create a healing environment for problem areas, I was thoroughly impressed by the results.  

hero cosmetics

Image Credit: Hero Cosmetics

Mighty Patch – Nose

As someone who experiences large nose pores, these Mighty Patches are a lifesaver! For enhanced results, I took the advice listed on the brand’s website and exfoliated before applying and it worked wonders- I love how effective the patches were at gently removing gunk and reducing the size of my enlarged pores seemingly overnight! These are definitely a new staple in my skincare routine because they are designed to help improve the looks of my pores, overall. 

Although the Mighty Patches are HOLR’s definite add-to-carts from the brand, I also love that Hero Cosmetics offers a range of other best-selling products and tools designed to target your unique skincare concerns. For instance, the Rescue Blam +Red Correct sounds like the perfect solution to help address and blur my skin’s redness. As well, the Pimple Correct pen seems like an effective spot-treatment tool to help combat early-stage pimples.

Be sure to check out Hero Cosmetics’ website here for more information and to shop all of HOLR’s go-tos- and more!

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