Luminous Skin with La Maison Valmont’s Newest Collection.

Coming out of the winter months I struggled with dry and tired-looking skin. On top of that, a facial I treated myself to in November was too harsh, ultimately ruining my skin barrier. As a result, I developed small bumps on my cheeks, noticed an increase of pores in my t-zone, and a loss of my natural glow.

After trying numerous products attempting to reverse the effects of this facial, I came across La Maison Valmont’s Luminosity collection, which launched on April 4th. At the core of the brand’s latest skincare line is the ideal of embracing your natural beauty, something I’d been having trouble doing recently. The collection consists of four products; LumiPeel, LumiMask, LumiSence, and LumiCream all focused on improving the texture and tone of the skin.

The ingredients include Swiss Phyto-Complex which is sourced naturally and organically from the best of Switzerland’s alpine nature, made up of seven plants to boost the skin’s overall radiance. Additionally, two types of white mulberry extract work to smooth the skin, enhancing your overall glow.

After using La Maison Valmont’s Luminosity collection for three weeks I’ve noticed the below effects.

La Maison Valmont's LumiPeel

Even Skin Texture

Lately, other toning products I’ve tried have caused dryness and sensitivity. This was not the case with the LumiPeel, a gentle peeling lotion with exfoliating AHAs. I start by washing my face morning and night and then apply the product to a cotton pad, swiping across my face and neck. After consistent use twice daily for a week, the small bumps that had developed on my cheeks decreased significantly. By week three, they were gone altogether, and my skin’s overall texture was even and smooth to the touch.

La Maison Valmont's LumiSence

Reduced Pores

The dramatic increase in the amount and size of pores on my t-zone was easily the most distressing, as this is an issue I did not deal with in the past. In my attempt to combat this, I applied a small pump of La Maison Valmont’s LumiSence (a lightweight water-based serum) to my entire face following my application of the LumiPeel. After three weeks of consistent use, it’s safe to say that this stuff works! I can barely notice the pores on my nose, and the ones on my cheeks have reduced significantly.

La Maison Valmont's LumiCream

Glowing & Brighter Skin

Since the effects of the facial I had been trying various hydrating creams in a desperate attempt to get my natural glow back. Too scared to opt for another facial, I was beginning to give up. Since using the LumiCream twice daily as the final step of my routine, my skin’s natural glow is almost completely restored. In addition to my daily skincare routine, I’ve also been loving the LumiMask, which I use once a week after applying a clay mask and exfoliating. Overall, this new routine has restored my natural skin complexion to a youthful, bright, and even texture. It can be difficult to justify purchasing products at such a high price point, but in my opinion, healthy skin and the confidence it brings to your day-to-day life are ultimately priceless.

This skincare review was not paid for by La Maison Valmont.