Allegedly, Sam Asghari won’t get anything in the divorce due to the prenup terms. HOLR is breaking down the rumors surrounding Britney Spears and Asghari’s recent separation. 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @jillcoil, the duo have an iron-clad prenup that will allegedly prevent Sam Asghari from getting anything in the divorce.


Sam Asghari will miss out on a million dollar payout and he will get absolutely no money out of this. What do you think? #britneyspears #britney #samasghari #britneydivorce

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Britney Spears Prenup

As the TikToker notes in the TikTok video, Asghari will get “absolutely nothing” in which he allegedly had to be married to Spears for 2 years to have received a payout of $1 million. The pair were only married for 14 months. The prenup also supposedly protects her catalog and her house (as it was only in her name).

As of right now, the prenup supposedly only allows Asghari to take the gifts Spears gave to him during their marriage. Reportedly, Asghari has been threatening Spears by claiming that she needs to renegotiate the prenup or give him money- or else he will expose her and disclose all of her secrets. However, the prenup supposedly states that there is a non-disparagement and non-disclosure. As long as the prenup is upheld Asghari reportedly can’t even do that.

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