Finding love amidst a pandemic has been quite the journey. Hinge, the app designed to be deleted, has been researching and updating new method’s for lonely lover’s to find each other and connect on a deeper and more authentic level throughout the pandemic. On October 27th, Hinge introduced the newest feature to increase opportunities to meet people in a less awkward way! Introducing; the Voice Memo app, where you can send a memo of yourself speaking. The power of a voice is strong. Over text, it’s difficult to properly interpret what is being said, the tone it is being said in, etc. The sound of a voice itself can be seductive and inviting. The director of Relationship Science at Hinge Logan Ury shares the science and benefits behind the Voice Memo feature.
Doing voice Memo on hinge for finding love and romance for people
Logan Ury, Director of Relationship science at Hinge says this about the Voice Note feature:
Hearing someone’s voice connects us in ways that seeing a photo or reading a text just can’t. Research from our Hinge Labs team shows that the best way to assess chemistry is through live interaction. With that in mind, we’re excited that singles will now be able to share their voices directly on our app. We’re confident this will help people connect, so they can move off the app and onto a great date.” – Logan Ury, Director of Relationship Science
Logan’s Tips on Recording Your Best Voice Notes and Prompts:
Keep it short: Break your voice notes into segments of less than 30 seconds to ensure you’re not monologuing at the other person.
Don’t overthink it: Talk to your match like you’d talk to a friend.
Be natural: Isn’t it always helpful when someone tells you to “be natural” or “be yourself?” But seriously — you can distract yourself from overthinking by recording while walking down the street.
Single take: Don’t keep re-recording. You’ll just start to sound less and less like yourself.
Show your silly and playful side: You’re showing someone what it would be like to date you, a lot of which is being in conversation with you.
Get creative: Showcase a musical talent or tell a silly dad joke.
Keep it conversational: Feel free to go back and forth with your messages. Synchronous communication is a great way to assess chemistry.
Don’t be creepy: Leave the heavy breathing to your cardio workout class.
Stats and insights:
Hero Stat:
– A majority (64%) of Hinge users said a potential match’s voice is an important factor in determining if they like them.  It can either lead to “the ick” or butterflies.
Supporting Stats:
– 52% of Hinge users say they can learn more about a potential match through a voice message.
– Almost half (49%) of users have become more attracted to someone after hearing their voice.
– The top 3 feelings Hinge users have experienced from hearing a potential partner’s voice for the first time are attraction (60%), surprise (45%), and curiosity (41%).
– Half (50%) of Hinge users have been turned off after hearing a potential partner’s voice for the first time, noting they’ve felt either annoyed, uncomfortable, or disgusted.

Published on Holr Magazine