Introducing the hottets new sound, SWEETTABOO. An LA-based, Latina girl group consists of two singers (Jen Torrejon and Sami Ramos) and one rapper (ICP Bre). The trendy trio offers a unique fusion of R&B, Hip Hop, and Latin vibes within their upbeat catalogue of music – as heard in their popular tracks “Used To It” and “Lil Bit”. As well as, their newly released live rendition of TLC’s hit song “No Scrubs,” which recently premiered on the series ‘Reimagined At Home’. Holr sat down with the girl group to discuss their sound, rise to fame, and upcoming projects

How did you develop the sound for SWEET TABOO? 


We developed our sound through the hours and hours of work we put in the studio. We are always creating and working with cool producers and writers like Malay, Keith Harris, Johnny Goldstein, Leroy Sanchez, Tima Dee, and our homie Poe. Our sound is a fusion of R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, and a taste of Latin.


What are the ways you incorporate Latina music and heritage in your music? 


Being proud, Latinx young women has influenced our music in such an amazing way. We all grew up listening to Spanish music and having Latin traditions in our homes, so it’s in our blood. Most of our music is Spanglish, a little bit of Spanish, and a little bit of English. It reflects how we talk as the next generation of Latinas. 


What is your style influence? 


We love streetwear, but of course, we have to add our personal flavor. You will never catch Sweet Taboo without acrylic nails and hoop earrings! We wear what makes us feel confident and sexy and don’t care what anyone has to say about it! Our style icons are Rihanna, Kehlani, and Doja Cat! 


How did SWEET TABOO come to be? 


Sami and Jen know each other through the same vocal coach, Stevie Bensusen. We had the idea of doing a girl group, but we wanted to add a rapper and later found ICP Bre through rap challenges on Instagram. We invited her to the studio, she hopped on a song and from there it was history! 


What is your goal with your music? 


Our goal is to tour the world and create art that will inspire the younger generation to chase their dreams!


What are you hoping to inspire with your music and energy? 


Through our music, we want to connect with everyone across the globe no matter what color, race, gender, and sexual orientation. We are HUGE on women’s empowerment and want other women to feel confident and sexy!


What is next for SWEET TABOO? 


We are currently in the studio working on our EP and we will be dropping a new single soon. We are also working on our live show and can’t wait to perform!