Check out our full conversation with the talented actress, writer, producer, stand-up comedian, and social media influencer, Jasmin Brown!

Jasmin Brown can do it all!

The talented actress, winter, producer, stand-up comedian, and influencer is taking the industry by storm and we love to see it! Jasmin is sitting down to chat with HOLR about everything- from how she got her start in the industry to reprising her role as Deja on Zatima Season 2, to her latest project and why she’s so excited about it.

Stay tuned for the full conversation below and get to know Jasmin Brown!

jasmin brown


Talk to us about how you got your start in the industry.

Honestly, I’ve always just been a character. I grew up in church and started off doing church plays. I took my allowance money and would buy different wardrobe pieces and wigs to put different characters together. My Barbies had different personalities and voices- I’ve always had an outgoing personality and was always a character!

As I got older I started taking acting classes. That’s when I got into the Chitlins Circuit- these are like the real low-budget plays where it’s like “One night only!” That was really cool because I got to experience my theatre life.

From there, I was still in class and studying but I was landing commercial work, which is crazy because back then I was always cast as a young mom! In my head, I’m like, “Why am I playing a young mom when I’m like 20 years old?” They wanted me to play these young moms in these commercials. Then I started getting extra work. I’ve done all the things. I have a greater appreciation for just being busy because I really started from the bottom.

I got on Youtube for a while when I was collaborating with another YouTuber at the time and our content went viral. I was still grinding, still taking classes, still auditioning- still trying to study and do all the things. I never stopped working, even on myself. So now that I’m in a position where I’m on multiple TV shows, it’s really cool.

When it comes to my work ethic, I understand the moving parts of the ship. I know what it’s like to be a PA, I know what it’s like to be an extra or background extra. I always treat my background actors with respect, I always say hi to everybody because we really need them there. I can appreciate the transition and the steps that I’ve taken through my learning to where I am now. It’s humbling and really cool.

You’ve landed numerous TV and film jobs over the course of your career. Talk to us about some of these projects.

I’m also on a show called Double Cross. Season 4 just aired and I really like that role. That show is based around two twins and one is a doctor and another is like- dare I say- a bounty hunter. They’re just like catching the bad guys and my character falls in love with one of the twins. They’re trying to take down a sex-trafficking organization and it’s wild!

I have some funny elements with this character but it’s a pretty dramatic role. With Season 4, I really got to flex my acting chops. It was really intense and I had to do some really intense scene work which I really don’t get. to do because I’m typically always cast as a comedic actor.

It’s cool to do both and for people to see that I can do both. I write I act, I produce, I direct, I do stand-up comedy- I do all the things! And sometimes I get stuck doing 1 or 2 things, which is fine but it’s cool to do some dramatic work. When I like projects I like them for different reasons.

You’ll be reprising your role of Deja on Zatima Season 2. Tell us about this role and why you’re excited about it.

I’m really excited about this because my character Deja is the villain! Every time you see her you get a reaction. Every time you see me you know there’s going to be some sort of dramatics and mess going on. She’s a very messy character and I really love playing someone like that because that’s not me in real life.  It’s really cool to go there and be in that space and not care what people think about you and go all the way.

What this character I went with it. I would reach, reach, reach until they told me to pull it back. I had a lot of freedom with that character. It was really awesome to be able to turn this character into anything I wanted to be. In this season she’s gonna piss you off even more but in some moments you’re going to really like her because there’s some comedic relief. It’s a roller coaster, I’m stirring up a lot of emotions.

What can you tell us about Caught Up, the scripted series written and produced by you which will be released on BET+ soon?

The Caught Up series is an unconventional love story about a hopeless romantic who finds the perfect guy who just comes in and sweeps her off her feet only for her to find out that he’s someone that she might have to share.

It’s a love triangle but it’s a juicy one!

What’s next for you?

Right now, a really really dope feature film is about to happen! This is probably going to be my breakout role and I’m really excited about this one. It’s in the works but anyone that knows me knows I manifest things and I can’t say too much about it but I really do feel that this is going to be the one.

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