Summer’s here, and as the world slowly opens back up you’ll want to be looking your best. That means its time to put away the pandemic sweatpants, ditch the cargo shorts, and find yourself some trendy new threads for the sunny season.

Matching Shirts and Shorts

The matching shirt and short set has cropped up a few times for men’s summer fashion over the past few years, whether it be a floral t-shirt and sweat shorts combo, or a more refined short-sleeved button down and matching chino short. This year is much the same, but more refined and subdued than previous years’ brightly patterned matching sets. Neutral colors and earth tones are in this year, as are pastels. If your pattern is going to be bold, make it a striking button down shirt with a camp collar, paired with shorts in one solid color from the print.Wide-Legged Pants

The influence of gents like Harry Styles and Tyler, the Creator on the current trends of youth fashion are clear in this recent trend. While neither musician can take full credit for the look, young people are starting to embrace a more anachronistic, dressed-up style in comparison to other more casual streetwear looks. A pair of loose-fitting, high-waisted trousers in a dark colour with a wide leg, paired with a thrifted vintage button-down shirt with the top few buttons left undone creates a chic and sophisticated look. This is also a good opportunity to play with textures – corduroy pants and a silk shirt would suit the suave throwback aesthetic nicely.Sweater Vests

This trend goes somewhat hand in hand with the one before it, though it is distinct. Giving off a similar look of that retro, slightly dressed up “schoolboy-chic” look, the sweater vest is an item that’s come into popularity recently in both high-fashion and streetwear circles. These can be an interesting way to add some texture and color to an outfit. You’ll want a v-necked sweater vest, and ideally it should either be textured with a ribbed or cable knit, or patterned with stripes, argyle, or houndstooth. The vest can either be a solid pullover, or a button-up to add some nice lines to the outfit. Style your vest over a button down, a t-shirt, or just as a top on its own if you’re feeling bold. Utility

Workwear and military influences always play a part in men’s fashion every year, adn 2021 is no different. Light work jackets, unstructured suits with extra pockets, and other similar items have all been incorporated into runway looks for this season. And with the trends of crossbody bags, utility vests and harnesses still going strong, there are lots of ways you can add pieces to your outfits to really bring up the utilitarian aspect of your style. It doesn’t always have to be form or function, as you can have both with a good eye for some understated but work-centred chore coats, bombers, and, yes, even some tasteful cargo pants.Monochrome Tie-Dye

This one’s for the DIY fans. Tie-dye has always been a fun way to add a pop of colour to an outfit and to make a piece your own. This year it’s making a modern minimalist comeback in 2021 streetwear. Pastels and grey-and-white looks will dominate the trend, spread across t-shirts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, and sweat shorts and even face masks. With more reserved, muted colour palettes as opposed to tie-dye’s usual bright and loud spectrum, you can still go a little wild with how you dye the items: any tie-dye technique will work, from the classic swirl, to stripes, to ombre, to even splattering an item with a bleach solution to get a drippy, patchy look.