Former ‘Wild ‘N Out’ star Jacky Oh cause of death was the result of cosmetic surgery?

Since the death of MTV star Jacky Oh on May 31, the question had been how did the 32-year-old die?

Now her cause of death had been revealed.

Jacky died as a result of a cosmetic procedure according to the Miami Dade Medical Examiner.

jacky oh

Credit Image: Jacky Oh Instagram

What surgery did Jacky Oh have?

Meanwhile, reports reveal exactly what the procedure the former star had received.

Gluteal augmentation procedure (BBL), which according to online sources is a procedure that transfers belly fat to her buttocks.

jacky oh

Credit Image: Jacky Oh Instagram

While the cause of death had been ruled accidental, the report cited that Jacky had swelling in her brain and bleeding of the skin around her torso.

Watch the full clip below.

Questions arise over possible neglect after it was revealed Oh had reported getting headaches.

Since the Autopsy had been revealed, people are rallying behind Oh’s family and friends.

And some are citing neglect of care from the surgeon and other clinic staff.

Meanwhile the public wasted no time in calling for the clinic to be shut down.

And in the meantime, people took to social media to let her family know they’re not alone and expressed their sadness for what Jacky endured.

With one user saying, “The Jacky Oh details are heartbreaking.”

While another post said, “I feel so sad reading how Jacky oh passed. She was In so much pain with no real pain medication, them complications are no joke. She had so much life to live. She was so young and beautiful &The fact that she didn’t make it home to her beautiful children, breaks my heart deep?”

RIP Jacky Oh.

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