Mike Regis is an up-and-coming filmmaker from Toronto who plans on speaking his truth and telling the stories of others through his films. Regis’ new short film titled Promotion is set to premiere on CBC and CBC Gem as part of their showcase series where they present nine filmmakers with the opportunity to show their film on television, where it can be viewed, and voted for. 


Mike Regis’ new film Promotion, examines the ideologies around the workplace, especially how many black people are treated in these environments. The story is about a young black soon-to-be father who deals with racism that is covert and subtle in his workplace. 

Regis wanted to make this film to show people the different ways black people face racism in their everyday lives. As a film being showcased on national television, this is a great opportunity to share this story with millions of Canadians and help everyone understand these situations, and hopefully make the world a better place. 


HOLR chatted with Mike Regis about his film and his career, read it below!

What made you want to create and write this storyline as a filmmaker, and what does it mean to you that it will be broadcasted on a national cable network for many to view? 

It means everything for me to have this story created. I made this storyline because I wanted to show people how racism takes different forms. Promotion is a short film that looks at the subtlety of racism within the workplace and how often Black people are faced with choices surrounding racism. It means the world to me to have a story I thought about in my mind play for Canadians across the country.

Everyone is inspired by something, what inspired you to be the type of filmmaker you are, especially one that educates and brings to light cultural or political issues? 

Everyday people and situations inspire me; my films are inspired by everyday life. I would say that humanity drives my work, and presenting cultural issues are things that I’m passionate about. I love sociology, and a lot of my work delves into how society and people interact.

As a storyteller, you have a lot of room to create art that sends a message, what message do you hope viewers will get from watching your film? 

I hope that viewers see the morally complex situations that we as black people face daily.

In what way was it hard or difficult to tell the story in the correct way, especially one with meaning that goes beyond what the story is telling? 

Well, for me, I believe I will tell my truth and always tell me the truth. So I didn’t find difficulty incorrectly telling this story.

As a filmmaker telling stories with such significance is important, what other stories do you hope to tell? 

I hope to tell more stories that people can relate to. Right now, I’m very interested in exploring the grey area in situations and people. Things aren’t black and white; the grey area interests me.

You can watch the film on CBC or CBC Gem on August 28th, 7 pm-8 pm.

Tune in to Episode 3VOTING will take place on AUGUST 28th at @8pm

Article published by HOLR Magazine