Home Depot Girl is going viral on TikTok. HOLR breaks down the trending news below.

A Home Depot employee is going viral online after posting photos of herself in uniform working a “normal” 9-5 job. HOLR is breaking down the trending news and alleged backlash she’s getting from other women.

Accoridng to this TikTok video posted by user @freekdagemini, a girl working at Home Depot is going viral after posting photos of herself working at the establishment.


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Home Depot Girl Viral

The TikToker explains that the girl is now allegedly facing backlash on Twitter from adult film stars because she is getting noticed online. After the girl went viral for posting in her Home Depot uniform, supposedly featuring the caption: “The one job I work at that I’m reminded I’m too pretty to work at.” She was initially being praised online for being a “level woman who works” and “doesn’t do things online.”

She is now facing backlash on social media from other women who state that her working at Home Depot is “not a flex” and that they “don’t see the hype.” Despite the backlash, the girl got a DM from Shaquille O’Neal telling her not to worry about the haters.

What happened to women supporting women?

Who is the Home Depot Girl On TikTok?

The Home Depot girl who is going viral online is supposedly Ariana Josephine, as noted here.

Home Depot Employee Girl

As mentioned in this article, Josephine’s viral photos have sparked a debate online surrounding expectations for “pretty” women and where they should work. The article also claims that Josephine stated she works at Home Depot to earn the “right money.” This is something she supposedly mentioned in another Tweet.

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