Female Boxer Flashes After Win Video goes viral online. Here’s what happened.

Daniella Hemsley win

As mentioned here, Daniella Hemsley, an OnlyFans model, seemingly flashed her breasts after a recent fight. Hemsley “defeated Aleksandra Danielka at the KingPyn Boxing event in 3A Arena in Dublin” as mentioned here, where she won against Ms. Danielka. The video of the incident has since gone viral on multiple platforms such as Twitter. After the fight, Hemsley evidently pulled up her sports bra to reveal her breasts to the audience in a shocking move as noted here.

HOLR will not be linking the viral video as it contains nudity.

Female Boxer Flashes After Win 

As a result of flashing her breasts after her win, Hemsley has allegedly been banned from competing in Kingpyn’s final show. Check out the official statement below confirming the document:

However, in this article, Hemsley is allegedly fighting claims that she’s being punished for her actions and took to her YouTube channel to address everything that went down.

Daniella Hemsley boxing

“I am not banned from KingPyn guys, I have simply decided to take a few weeks off from training to recover,” she says in the video.

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