Created by critically acclaimed writer Adam Goldman, Audible’s newest original podcast, Hot White Heist, is comedy gold.

The podcast, which premiered on June 17, features an extensive list of voice performances by notable Queer actors. Hot White Heist stars SNL’s Bowen Yang in the lead role, Margaret Cho, Cheyenne Jackson, Jane Lynch, Cynthia Nixon, Abbi JacobsonBrian McCook, Tony Kushner, Bianca Del Rio, Shannon Woodward, Stephanie Beatriz, and Peppermint. 

Hot White Heist features six thirty-minute episodes following a crew of misfits from across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum as they try to carry out a heist in a sperm bank. The podcast is a comedy spoof of the heist genre and was written and produced by Adam Goldman and directed by Alan Cumming. 

While Hot White Heist was originally written as a film script, Goldman pivoted to turn it into a Podcast after receiving some feedback. Now he believes it’s the perfect format for the show despite coming with its initial challenges. When speaking on transforming the podcast from a film script to a podcast format, Goldman had to rework the script to present it in an episodic format instead. The writer also had to adjust how the action scenes would come across without video but feels the actors involved and story-line successfully shine through in this format.

The inspiration behind the show was born from a Tweet that Goldman had written as a joke at first, which then took on a life of its own. Goldman tweeted, “I would just love to see a queer heist movie. And, no, they’re not stealing sperm.” While he hadn’t given the premise much thought at the time of the tweet, he quickly realized that the idea would actually work. Given that straight men and straight narratives so heavily dominate the heist genre, this was the perfect way to shake up the genre and do something different and very much needed. 

Hot White Heist is executive produced by Broadway Video’s Britta von Schoeler and produced by Mark Valdez. The cast and crew are composed of predominately queer talent. The podcast was important for Adam Goldman to create as he feels that it’s a great way to provide Queer talent and storytelling a bigger platform and audience. Goldman recognizes that the lack of representation of Queer talent and stories is still a widespread issue in Hollywood, and Hot White Heist was born out of the need to remedy that. 

With an influx of podcasts available on the market, Hot White Heist carves out its own stand-out niche. Get ready to dive in and entertain because this is something we haven’t heard before and just can’t get enough of! 

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