House of CB has become one of the standout brands in the emerging market of ‘affordable luxury’. Their dresses are worn by everyone from notable celebrities such as the Kardashians to everyday girls going out on a Friday night. They have recently released their new ‘Golden Hour’ collection which is inspired by the warm sunset light of the upcoming Fall season.

House of CB’s new ‘Golden Hour’ collection has recently released, featuring a variety of body-hugging and form-fitting items. The collection includes vegan leather trousers, velvet corsets, high-waist denim, cut out dresses, and floral tops. 

The collection draws its inspiration from the 1970s, and the warm, cozy feeling that is brought by the Golden Hour light we see in Fall. The 1970s inspirations can be seen throughout the collection. High-waisted trousers are seen throughout the collection and paired with velvet tops. The use of floral patterns also seems inspired by the 70s.

The promotional video embodies the vibe of the ‘Golden Hour’ collection perfectly. The models are bathed in wonderful warm light as they pose within a serene, calm cabin surrounded by nature. You can view the promo video here.

The ‘Millicent’ and ‘Jouca’ floral tops are favourites of the collection. With beautiful floral prints and exaggerated sleeves, these tops are perfect for a weekend trip or cozy dinners.

Another standout piece is the ‘Grainne’ black leather trousers. These are made from high-quality vegan leather. Fitted at the top with a slightly more relaxed flare fit at the bottom, these are perfect for everyday wear as well as for being paired with heels for a cocktail night. 

You can shop the new collection here and find out more information about each piece being released.