House of Monstera is a family-run web store with the purpose of offering plant enthusiasts the best access to uncommon and extraordinary greenery right from their micro nursery to your home. They provide the necessary means to nourish your soil and plants and give your spaces nature and life. 

One of the great benefits of taking care of plants and incorporate them into your living space is that they help to improve your mental health. Plants have a sense of peace around them, they are patient and docile, which helps to create that kind of atmosphere in your home. They release oxygen into the air and take up the carbon dioxide you release. More oxygen means your body works more effectively, which will lead to the brain feeling less fatigued and cloudy. That’ll make the body release the right types of hormones, helping to support your mental health. 

The mental health support plants give plays a huge role in giving your immune system a boost. This is something very important since we are going through a global pandemic. Plants have phytoncides and other airborne chemicals that help to reduce stress. When feeling less stressed, the immune system gets a natural boost. 

Having plants can be a little intimidating, no one wants to watch a plant die. There’s the constant worry if they are receiving enough water, light, and nutrients. Soil is an important factor to consider if you want to watch your plants grow and thrive. 

Soils provide support for roots, hold water and nutrients. It is home to myriad micro-organisms that fix nitrogen and decompose organic matter. It provides plants with a foothold for the roots and holds the nutrients it needs to grow; it filters water and regulates its excess to prevent flooding and is capable of storing large amounts of organic carbon. 

You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation, and the soil is the foundation your plants need to thrive. House of Monstera is the ideal place to find everything you need to give your plants what they need to be happy and alive. Their potting mix contains the necessary ingredients to give your greenery a solid foundation where it can grow; it is packed with coconut husk chips, perlite, and worm castings, which are great sources of nutrients for the soil. 

Even if you think your plant is far gone and on the verge of dying, their pantry has the ideal product to save it. Their TripTonic NZymes (enzymes) break down dead roots into usable beneficial minerals and sugars to assist with healthy growth and give your plant a new and restored life. 

To keep your plants looking good, they need some extra support that will give them a nicer look. In House of Monstera’s pantry, you can find moss poles; they are the perfect addition to any plant that benefits from support. Its unique winding shape allows form some creative ways for leaves to climb and help them thrive. 

Give your plants to love they need and watch them grow and give your spaces a different feel and life.