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Work environments like offices, warehouses, studios, workshops, studies etc. are not reputable for having the healthiest work conditions. They are often overfilled with artificial lighting, recycled air, awkward water cooler conversations, and – if you’re unfortunate – the colleague beside you coughing up the entirety of their lunch.   

Fortunately, many modern-day businesses have adopted a hybrid business model, with almost one-fifth of UK businesses announcing that they were switching to remote work entirely in 2020. Despite the overwhelming benefits of getting out of the office, working remotely has caused many difficulties for a percentage of the UK workforce. 

One of the most significant obstacles is a lack of space to work from, and if, like many, you’re sick of working from your kitchen table, you might think it’s time for an upgrade. A garden office is an excellent resolution for these woes, as you’re away from the house, surrounded by nature, and only have a short commute across the garden. 

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can create your own garden office, from trendy pods, summerhouses, and repurposed garden sheds. Below we’ve listed several steps to take if you’re a nature lover looking to extend your workspace beyond the four walls of your home – continue reading to find out more. 

Choose Weather-Proof Furnishings 

Whether you aim to create an al fresco garden office on the deck or patio or build/purchase a shed to convert into your own little workplace, it is vital that you accessorise with weather-proof furnishings to prevent any accidental damage. Especially if you’re opting for the former option, relying on indoor furniture that isn’t designed for direct sunlight or sudden temperature changes will not last long; you could end up shelling out money to replace them should they become damaged. 

No matter how tempting it might be to try and save additional expenses by using the furnishings you already have, it’s essential that you source outdoor furnishings for your office that can withstand different temperatures/weather conditions and supports your body as you work. Source appropriate furnishings by looking for items with fade-resistant fabrics made from natural materials, resin, or metal which won’t rust or get damaged easily. 

On the other hand, you could consider purchasing a garden shed, which will protect everything in your mini office from weather-related damage and temperature change. From wood, plastic, and metal sheds, you can find various options from suppliers like Buy Sheds Direct, all of which are designed with different features in mind, like functioning windows, double doors etc., depending on the consumer’s needs. Consider visiting their website or contacting a team member directly to learn more about their product catalogue or to answer any specific inquiries and discover how their products could help you achieve the nature-surrounded office of your dreams. 

Increase The Speed And Strength Of Your Wi-Fi 

Even if you live in a built-up area with a stable internet connection, the effectiveness of your Wi-Fi can be challenged when trying to access it outside, whether for recreational purposes or professional. The further away you are from your router, the weaker the speed and strength of your internet connection, especially if you intend to operate out of a shed towards the bottom of your garden. 

Avoid the hassle that slow, weak Wi-Fi connectivity can cause and take measures to increase the effectiveness of your router by investing in a Wi-Fi extender, getting a more robust antenna, keeping your router updated, switching to a different provider, selecting a better position for your router and much more. Most of these methods of increasing your Wi-Fi effectiveness are inexpensive and especially useful for boosting the speed and strength of internet routers in larger households or the garden. 

Protect Your Eyesight 

Working in an office environment has many challenges, whether they be physical, mental, or phycological. From lower back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome, working in an office is typically associated with various health problems, one of the most prominent being eyestrain, with 38% of workers reporting eye symptoms like sensitivity, eye strain, and drowsiness. 

Sitting at a desk and looking at a computer screen all day can put much stress on the eyes, and combining that with working outside, you also must battle against the glare from the sun. Fortunately, while taking regular breaks from your screen, you can purchase various accessories for your laptop, like a sunshade or an anti-glare screen protector that will protect your eyes against glare and eyestrain. 

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a garden with many shady areas to work from, you cannot rely on the shade alone to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, and you are still prone to squinting and unnecessary eyestrain even when you are sheltered. So, ensure that you take the necessary precautions to guarantee you are protected and prioritise your health. 

Keep Yourself Warm 

Sadly, you can’t always rely on optimal weather for working outside, especially living in England! If you cannot purchase or build a separate space for your outdoor office, you’ll need a solution for weather issues that can make working outdoors more challenging. In those months when the weather gets chilly, you don’t have to run back to your trusty dining room table with your tail in-between your legs. 

Instead, you could consider investing in a space heater from online marketplaces like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon that can keep several feet of space warm for as long as needed. Or you could wrap yourself up in several layers of clothing or blankets whenever you feel a slight chill and use them in combination with the space heater to save you from having to go indoors. Fortunately, blankets and space heaters are relatively easy to tuck away under the stairs when not in use, or if you don’t fancy having to lug the heater back and forth, you could purchase one for outdoor use. 

Make Sure That You’re Comfortable 

Regardless of where you’re working, your comfort should be one of your top priorities, whether this is in a penthouse studio or the corner of your spare room. While working in an office, certain areas of your body are more susceptible to damage than others, with some of the most prominent being your back, wrists, eyes, and shoulders. 

Fortunately, there are many accessories and office equipment that you can purchase to make your garden office as comfortable as a physical office. From a supportive desk chair, memory-foam mousepad/keyboard pads, anti-UV glare glasses, armrest pads, height-adjustable workstations, orthopaedic memory-foam cushions, and many more. 

Investing in the appropriate accessories and office equipment can help make working from home more enjoyable and prevent you from causing additional injury to your body, some of which can cause reoccurring damage. 

Look After Your Tech 

If you cannot create a separate space for your outdoor office, like an outbuilding, summerhouse, shed, pod etc., that would otherwise be able to protect your pieces of tech from the elements, you should try and look after your devices in other ways. From investing in a garden umbrella to a pop-up gazebo that can protect you and your devices from overheating, if your garden has limited shady areas – create them! 

Published by HOLR Magazine.