An outfit can be whatever you want it to be, but at least don’t make it a boring one. There are multiple ways to make your outfit the best one around, including adding accessories, layers, how you wear certain pieces and so on. 

The Zoe Report

Many people do not have the creativity, but some may not have the budget to wear eccentric outfits as celebrities do. If you want to look cool, you still can with a minimalist or tight budget closet. 

Celebrities are great examples of a lot of things, they show you outfits you might not have thought worked, they show you combinations of colours and fabrics you thought looked terrible, and they get rated on these outfits so that you know if you should try it out or not. 

A great way to make your outfits not so boring is to find outfits that celebrities have worn with clothes and accessories you already own. It does not have to be exact, but simpler pieces get the job done. 

The best way is always through accessories, it’s a great way to elevate the look that may be a little on the classic or plain side of things, and celebrities are the perfect people who know how to accessories. 


The Zoe Report

Hats have not only been specific to certain eras of fashion but nowadays hats and fashion go hand in hand. Baseball caps are a big way to elevate your look, if you’re going for a more relaxed athleisure look a baseball cap is a finishing touch you need. 



Shoes are as important as the rest of the outfit. If you do not have shoes that match or look good with the outfit, you might as well change the outfit to match those shoes. Sneakers, Birkenstock Bostons and Crocs have made a huge comeback when it comes to elevating your look. Some people have worn Bostons with dresses, Air Forces to dinners and Crocs are really just a cool way to say I’m comfortable. 



Accessorizing in the right way with actual accessories. If you arent wearing some kind of jewelry, don’t you feel naked? Throw on a necklace, a ring or two and you can probably skip the earrings if they really bother you.  But don’t miss out on the pieces that elevate the look, especially with the versatility of what colour of the jewelry you use. 

If you mix and match all three of these add on’s your outfit will no longer be boring, and you’ll come to love fashion and start to think it’s easier than you thought. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine