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It is spring, and if you are planning to get a chemical peel, there is no better time. There are many benefits of chemical peels. It can add radiance and glow to your sun-damaged skin. Furthermore, it can reduce skin pigmentation and improve your skin tone.

After the very first session, you will see a remarkable difference in your skin – noticeably brighter and smoother. Once you have gone through the session, taking care of your skin is essential. Here are a few tips to help you care for your skin after a chemical peel.

Keep your hands off

After the chemical peel, you will have a particular urge to touch your skin, which is natural. But you need to avoid touching your face in any way. Touching your skin or peeling and scratching the dead skin during the peeling process can result in breakouts and potential scarring.

Keep your hair tied

Pull back your hair and prevent it from touching your face, as this could increase your urge to touch it. In some cases, there will be breakouts, do not treat them yourself, instead consult your aesthetician for the same.

Moisturize the right amount

Moisturizing is essential to any skincare routine, particularly during the peeling process. Dry skin is natural during this process, and moisturizer can help to an extent. Remember to use the right amount of moisturizer and do not overdo it. In the first few days, use little to no moisturizer. You may also get a special post-peel care moisturizer.

Protect with sunscreen

You’ve just gotten rid of your sun-damaged skin through a chemical peeling. So avoid damaging it again by protecting it with sunscreen. The new and vulnerable skin needs protection from the harmful sun rays. Apply sunscreen anytime there’s a possibility of sun exposure. Consider sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher as part of your spring skincare routine.

Avoid outdoors

After a chemical peel, your skin will be vulnerable to the elements for some time. Keep yourself indoors as much as possible, and prevent exposure to the sun, UV rays, and other outdoor elements like pollution and dust. Your skin is already sensitive and delicate after the peel.

Let it peel off naturally

Strictly avoid removing dry and dead skin by force. Rubbing, pulling, and peeling with your hands during the peeling process can cause unnecessary damage to the skin. Let it peel naturally without interfering in the process. You can use a gentle exfoliating scrub when your skin is no longer hyper-sensitive. 

Consult for a customized skincare regime

At last, consult your aesthetician for a customized skincare routine to take care of your skin in the best possible way. Ensure to incorporate a lot of antioxidants in your skincare as it will be your biggest defense against free radicals. Consult your skincare specialist before using any skincare product.

Things to avoid

When you have undergone a chemical peeling process, there are certain everyday things and products that you need to avoid. Start by avoiding using a washcloth, face scrub, and other harsh exfoliators. At the height of peeling, try not to sweat. Keep yourself in a well-ventilated and air-conditioned space to avoid sweating excessively. When your skin makes contact with acidic foods, it lowers the pH level of your skin, causing skin irritation. So avoid eating acidic foods. Also, do not use products that are high in acidic ingredients.

Final words

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You can achieve flawless and bright skin with chemical peels. It will help you overcome sun-damaged skin and make it smoother and more radiant. Keep the above things in mind during the peeling process for the best possible results and protect your skin.

Published by HOLR Magazine.